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You’ve been over-conditioning your hair all this while; find out

Our long locks are an extremely important part of our appearance. Who doesn’t love long, shiny and thick hair? We go to all the possible extents to make sure that our mane is in place. However, many a time we get over-ambitious and end up over-doing it. 


As it is been said, too much of everything is never good, in the same manner, too much of conditioning our hair is equally harmful. For the uninitiated, conditioning one’s hair creates a layer on the hair shafts which nourishes and hydrates the tresses. However, you should know the amount of product that you’re using. This is an extremely essential and important step. 


Everytime you condition your hair, a player of the product forms over it. After multiple build ups, the hair stops to respond to any other product and becomes inactive to any other product that you apply on it afterwards. 



What are the symptoms that you’ve over-conditioned your hair?

The first and foremost symptom is that your hair starts feeling limper. Then, if you notice that the volume of your hair is reducing considerably then you know what the reason is. The hair was become extremely difficult to be taken care of or manage. 4


Easy steps to condition your hair the right way

Make sure that you do not leave on the conditioner for more than a minute or two on your hair. Secondly, never apply the product to your scalp ever. The best way of application is from the mid length till the tips. 



We are so sure that most of us have been applying hair conditioner incorrectly for the longest time. If you do have any more tips then comment below and let us know. 


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