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Xiaomi crowdfunds the ¥49.9 (~$7) Enchen Boost Hair Clipper with 3 months battery life

Xiaomi‘s Youpin crowdfunding platform on Saturday launched a new and affordable product on the platform. The product dubbed Enchen Boost Hair Clipper is a portable product that can come in handy when there is no power supply or you are on transit and can’t get a salon to get a hair cut.  The clipper has a durable battery that can be charged in just 1 hour. The manufacturer claims the device can last up to three months on a single charge and regular use. It is equally highly affordable, clutching a crowdfunding price of 49.9 yuan ($7). The product is expected to start shipping on August 12.

The Enchen Boost hair clipper is designed with a slider-type positioning comb. The slider can regulate the range of the hair length between 0.7mm and 21mm and supports one-button adjustment. The device uses nanoceramic cutter head which is harder than stainless steel. The hardness of nanoceramics is 1.6 times that of ordinary stainless steel and the surface smoothness is much smaller than that of stainless steel. Thus, when the hair clipper runs at high speed, the ceramic cutter head produces lower noise and it doesn’t heat up easily. The sound produced while it is switched on is less than 55db, which is much lower than the GB standard of 70db.

The Enchen Hair Clipper uses a powerful 280-type motor and has a two-speed power switch in order to meet the cutting speed variations required by different hair types. The normal starting speed is 4500 rpm, which is suitable for long hair extension. The second speed level known as “Turbo” speed mode delivers a powerful output of 5800 rpm. This makes it easy to trim thick hair.Xiaomi Enchen Boost hair clipper

In addition, the Enchen Boost Hair Clipper integrates the ESM (Energy Smart Manager), a smart integrated circuit system, which is like the “brain” of the products. It includes two modules of energy management and motor master control to ensure high-speed operation even when the battery is low. The system also indicates when the battery is low, charging or fully charged.


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