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Why It’s Time To Ditch Heavy Hair Oils And Styling Creams In Favour Of ‘Dry' Haircare

Mirror-like ends have forever been the unachievable hair goal which we’ve never quite managed to grasp. Shiny hair = seemingly impossible. But, according to AW19, now there’s an entirely different hair finish which is a whole lot more achievable – we’re talking about matte-finish hair.

Whilst we may have ditched our matte foundation for a dewy glow, if Givenchy and Phillip Lim are anything to go by, it seems our hair should be doing the opposite.

Plus, there are benefits. If you’ve immediately been grabbing thick hair masks and heavy hair oils to try and achieve hydrated ends, you’ll know that more often than not it results in hair looking greasy rather than shiny. But no more.

Matteo ScarpelliniImaxtree

‘Finer hair benefits from lighter texture products because they are weightless, so they don’t overload the hair’, says Mitchell Ladbrook, Senior Stylist at Nicola Clarke at John Frieda Salons.

Although Kaia Gerber nailed the trend at Givenchy, and Bella Hadid had the perfect effortless up-do at Fendi, Ladbrook believes that ‘the “undone” look started back in the 60’s. A truly inspiring era for the hair industry. It’s great that this trend has re-emerged to the present day but with a modern twist’. Anything that’s less effort than endless shine sprays and smoothing serums is a hair trend we can get on board with.

Dry Haircare Matte Finish Hair

Matteo Scarpellini

To achieve the look, go for volumising powders and texture sprays to give hair a dry grip. The best part? Matte hair doesn’t require the precision that creating glossy waves does: ‘Achieving this look would rely on rough drying the hair as opposed to smoothing with brushes, maybe also scrunch drying with hands’, says Ladbrook. The more texture the better.

No matter your hair type, there’s an easy way to achieve the look whilst embracing your natural texture. Ladbrook advises: ‘On curly hair apply leave-in conditioning spray then diffuse until dry/style is achieved. On wavy hair use a sea salt spray and finish with tongs to create soft waves. On straight hair apply texturising spray then use a flat iron to achieve waves for a tousled look’.

Think 60s Bridgette Bardot for the ultimate modern matte hair goals.

Bridget Bardot 1960's matte hair is back 

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Alternatively, if you’ve been blessed with naturally shiny hair then there are a few easy ways to get a drier finish, should you so wish. For those that get the hair equivalent of an oily T-Zone throughout the day, there are genius blotting papers especially designed for scalps and compact powders to do the job.

See below for the ELLE edit of ‘dry’ haircare so you can achieve AW19’s matte finish with almost no effort at all…

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