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What is cold brew hair, how do you get the look and where did the trend come from?

DURING the sweltering hot summer months, we’re all about switching our everyday cappuccinos for a refreshing iced option.

But now some diehard coffee fans are taking their caffeine addiction one step further and applying it to their hair… here’s everything you need to know about cold brew colour.

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Forget Pinterest, simply take an iced coffee with you next time you hit the salon

What is cold brew hair?

Drawing beauty inspiration from the humble iced coffee, the cold brew hair trend mimics the way milk mixes with espresso using a rich blend of highlights.

You know, before you go ahead and ruin the effect by mixing it all together with a straw.

And just like you can fully customise your Starbucks order with whatever milk takes your fancy, you can either opt for full-on brunette tones or subtle milky-blonde highlights running through.

There’s no denying it makes for a low-maintenance and natural look. So next time you’re trawling through Pinterest in need of hair inspiration, simply head down to your nearest coffee shop instead…

How do you get the look?

While you can highlight your hair from home, blending in a mix of low-lights is best left to the haircare professionals.

Expert colourist Stephanie Brown told Refinery29 cold brew hair “is all about swirling neutral and golden tones down the hair.”

After all, the look we’re going for is “just like when you pour a little bit of milk into your coffee.”

Simply ask your stylist to blend highlights and lowlights through your hair to create that swirling, thick dimension.

Alternatively, if you’re not keen on the idea of highlighting your hair (bleaching it can make hair dry and damaged), hair stylist Kimberly Bonodona used “chilli pepper chocolate” tones to achieve her cold brew hair.

Other fans of “cold brew bruntette” have simply had lowlights intertwined with their natural colour to give the overall effect of added richness.

Where did the trend come from?

An update on the balayage hair dye technique, cold brew colour is also a natural-looking blend of highlights and lowlights.

According to Elite Daily, New York based hair stylist Stephanie Brown is the colour mastermind behind the look that is all over our Instagram feeds right now.

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