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Weight Loss: Get Rid Of Belly Fat With Protein-Rich Foods; Here's How It Works

Belly fat is not just unappealing but is extremely dangerous for your overall health. It requires urgent weight loss plan. Belly fat can put you at a higher risk of many diseases. From sedentary lifestyle to poor diet there are various factors that can lead to deposition of fat around abdominal. It can affect your heart health and put you at a higher risk of heart diseases. Fat in the abdominal area can also increase the risk of type-2 diabetes. Losing weight especially fat around your belly needs regular exercise and restricted diet. Some foods can help in effective weight loss. Protein is one such essential nutrient that helps in weight loss and especially helps you burn belly fat.

Weight loss: Protein to reduce belly fat; here’s how it works

Protein should be an essential part of your daily diet. It is an essential micronutrient which helps in weight loss. Adding protein to your weight loss diet is an effective method which you must try. Protein for weight loss has also gained popularity these days. Protein is particularly effective against belly fat.

To reduce belly fat and overall body weight you need to burn more calories. Boosting metabolism can help you lose reduce belly. Protein intake works on the same phenomenon. It boosts your metabolism which helps you burn more calories. This leads to reduction of belly fat.

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Protein also reduces your appetite and makes you consume less calories throughout the day. A study conducted in 2015 also highlights that protein can not only help you lose belly fat but will also prevent you from re-gaining weight. The study also highlighted that consumption of high-protein foods actively works against belly fat.

Weight loss: Protein should be a compulsory part of your weight loss plan
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High-protein foods to burn belly fat

Not just weight loss, protein also helps the body maintain and repair hair, skin, muscles and bones. Some high-protein foods which you can add to your diet to lose belly fat may include-

Eggs, oats, chia seeds, pistachios, avocado, pumpkin seeds, lentils, milk, almonds, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, quinoa, chickpeas, peas, guava, legumes, hemp seeds, broccoli, black beans and fatty fishes.


Weight Loss Tips: Egg is a good source of protein
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You can get recommendations from your dietician about the right quantity of protein-rich foods to lose weight. In order to shed belly fat, you need to combine exercise with protein-rich foods for effective results.

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