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Watch out! If you are you gorging on these highly fattening foods

Do you love indulging in cheesy, spicy and fried delights, then it’s time to watch out as knowingly or unknowingly your dietary habits are inviting various lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, heart diseases to name a few. “You are what you eat,” and that’s what shapes your health.

We all love indulging in such sumptuous delicacies as not only they are delicious, but at the same time they simply make us happy. However, in the long run, these habits affect our health and reduce the immunity and metabolism of the body. Hence, it is better to avoid these flattening foods and go for some healthy options that are satiating as well good for the body.

Here’s a list of highly flattening foods that you must avoid to stay healthy

Aerated drinks

This happens to be the soul of every delicious meal, this is simply because of its taste and sweetness, which is delightful as well as refreshing. Aerated drinks have zero nutrients rather they are just empty calories, leading to excessive weight gain and it also causes a sudden spike of sugar level in the body.


One of the most popular delights among the junk food lovers is a pizza. Loaded with cheese, fried toppings and sauces, sounds delicious but watch out before you take a bite as each bite adds on to the calories. In fact, homemade pizza is a far better option than the ones ordered online as they are full of processed cheese and processed meats.


Potato chips and fries

No wonder, these little potato bites are heavenly and can make you happy with their delightful taste. Unfortunately, these chips and fries are one of the most fattening foods and this due to the presence of high carbs, oil and refined flour that leads to weight gain. Hence, must be avoided at any cost.

Ice creams

This is one delight, which happens to be a favourite of all from kids to elderly, there’s hardly anyone who dislikes it, but if you do so then you are blessed! Despite the fact that it is made of milk, the high sugar content makes it unhealthy for people with obesity and diabetes. In fact, it can instantly lead to a sudden spike in the sugar level.

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