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VS Model Kelly Gale Accused of Fat Shaming for Promoting Diet and Exercise Outside In-N-Out

WENN/Ivan Nikolov

Many are not impressed by the model’s videos, which see her working out and eating only healthy food outside the restaurant, calling her ‘pathetic’ and ‘the worst type of person.’

Exercise doesn’t always give good outcome. In fact, Kelly Gale became the subject of harsh criticisms for her working out videos. On Thursday, December 13, the Victoria’s Secret model were attacked on allegation of fat-shaming after she posted several Instagram Story videos that saw her exercising in front of a burger joint.

The short clip was quick to attract haters. “Who the hell does @KellyGale_ think she is? How dare you #fatshame others? #kellygale @innoutburger is the best and you can eat whatever you want Ms. Gale but please don’t be so pathetic and unkind to others. #Entitlement is not cute #InNOut,” one user tweeted. Another user, who has since deleted the post, commented, “@KellyGale you’re literally the worst type of person.”

While many slammed Kelly, a few others took different approaches. One reacted with humor by tweeting, “So model #KellyGale stood outside an #InOutBurger place and started shaming people for going to the fast food restaurant. I wish I’d be one of the customers because I would’ve been like: ‘Work harder! Is that all you got?!’ while eating my French fries.”

Another one decided to choose to promote positiveness. “I think it’s pretty obvious @KellyGale_ is having some kind of mental issue and needs some help,” the user noted, before encouraging others to “not shame her like she choose to shame others.”

Kelly’s controversial videos were shot inside and outside an In-N-Out restaurant. In a couple of clips, the 23-year-old model bragged about eating greens and fruits inside the joint. “We’re at… In-N-Out? …so I guess I’m having my pear,” she said. Meanwhile, other videos displayed her doing some exercising, including jumping rope, right outside the restaurant.

A little over a month prior to the posting of the videos, Kelly hit the runway of 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The Swedish-Australian model, who first modeled for the lingerie brand’s show in 2013, flaunted her toned abs while donning pale blue sheer lingerie and and giant feathered wings.