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This Morning: Michigan program helping low income families shop for healthy foods

LANSING, MI (WLNS) – Fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive.. especially for families on a budget.

One Michigan program is working to change that. 

It’s called “Double Up Food Bucks.”

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture more than 50-thousand families get food assistance in oru area.

This program gives shopper the chance to afford fresh, healthy foods while showing support to local farmers at the same time.

Double Up Food Bucks started in Detroit in 2009.

It’s since grown to be used at more than 250 sites across the state, including in Mid-Michigan.

Shoppers who get food assistance through the Supplimental Nutrition Assistance Program can use their “SNAP Card” at participating farmers markets.

For ever $20 spent on Michigan grown fruits and vegetables, shoppers will get an additional $20.

Doubling the nutrition needed for a balanced diet.. on a budget.

“With this program, the people who are using it have the freedom to purchase however much they would like. Use it however much they would like. They get to choose what vegetables they’re getting so we know that those vegetables will be used,” says market and food pantry manager of the Allen Neighborhood Center, Julia Kramer.

She says although many families get food each month, it doesn’t always contain healthy options.

The program is also a win for farmers.

Michigan farmers who participate get the chance to gain new customers and also double the money they make at markets, keeping food dollars in the mid-Michigan region.

There are grocery stores that participate in the double up program.

From what 6-News found online in mid-Michigan those include the Valu-Lans in Lansing and Leslie.

For more information head to the Double Up Food Bucks program website.



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