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This Microfiber Hair Towel Will Cut Your Drying Time In Half

Drying your hair can take forever — if you don’t have the right tools. But if you’ve got the Aquis microfiber hair turban, your hair can go from sopping wet to barely damp in minutes.

The Aquis hair turban is designed to wick water away faster than a conventional cotton towel. And unlike standard towels that can snag and damage your hair, this terrific turban is made of smooth and supple microfibers that are gentle on your tresses.

It takes only a few seconds to twist your hair up in the Aquis turban, and it even has a button closure to keep your locks secure. While this hands-free microfiber dream is wicking water away, you can do your makeup, enjoy a cup of coffee or do whatever else you’d like that doesn’t involve fussing over your hair.

After a few minutes of being wrapped up in the Aquis turban, your hair will be significantly drier than if you’d scrunched it into a conventional towel. At this point, you can let it air dry or hit with a quick blast from the blowdryer, which should only take about half the time. That means less exposure to heat and healthier hair overall!

Whether your hair is thick or thin, long or short, straight or curly, the Aquis microfiber turban is just what you need to help it dry faster and with less frizz. If you buy a cheap knockoff version at the drug store, it’ll probably last you a few washes. But if you spend $21 for the real-deal machine washable Aquis hair turban, it should last you for many drying days to come.

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