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This bracelet is an undercover hair accessory

NEWS – Some time ago, I read about a woman who had gotten a serious infection from wearing an elastic hair tie on her wrist.  The glitter in the cover of the tie embedded itself in her wrist skin and caused a potentially life-threatening infection. (Huffington Post, 12/02/2015)  Although I warned my daughter about the danger of wearing those tight elastic bands around her wrist, I still see her with a hair tie around her wrist most every day.

She needs one of these Matte Aluminum Hair Tie Bracelets, so she can keep her hair tie handy without the potential for an infection.  The bracelet is made of anodized, lightweight, nickel-free aluminum.  The hair tie fits over the bracelet to relieve the tightness and pressure around your wrist.  It can accommodate both skinny and thick hair ties.  It even comes with the first tie.  It will fit wrists 5.75″ to 6.75″ in circumference.

The Matte Aluminum Hair Tie Bracelet is available with a rose gold anodized finish.  Normal price is $24.95, but it’s currently available for $19.95 from The Grommet.

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