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This blogger reminds us that trendy labels on foods don't mean they are healthier

These days, it’s very easy to get caught up in food trends.

If all of your friends (and people on the internet) are talking about a certain diet all the time, and you happen to see a food item in the store labeled to be cohesive with that diet, it’s easy to think you’re doing the “right” thing by jumping on board that diet yourself with the “right” foods.

But did you actually look at the label? Are the ingredients really healthy or are they artificial sounding?

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Amanda Meixner, an Instagram “food expert” who publishes food facts, meal prep tips and non-toxic lifestyle tips on her profile, @meowmeix, published an infographic on Friday that really puts this into perspective.

In the caption, Meixner asks her followers which burger they usually opt for, adding that she’s “a grass-fed beef or black bean burger kinda gal.”

“I wanted to clear something up. Just because a brand is labeled ‘meatless’ or things like ‘gluten free’ doesn’t mean it’s the healthier, more nutritious choice,” she goes on to say.

She then explains that the ultra-trendy Beyond burger or, the comparable Impossible burger, names are quite indicative of their healthfulness. Meixner goes on to say “there’s no way you can recreate meat from plants without all kinds of crazy processing, questionable ingredients and extra additives. “

Ultimately, the point of this post is to point out that just because a food is trending or is made to fit a certain diet, doesn’t mean you need to eat it or that it is healthy at all. Meixner offers an alternative to the processed meat-less burgers in the way of a simple homemade veggie burger with just black beans, quinoa, onion, flaxseed and seasonings.

Of course, there are health and environmental benefits to avoiding meat, regardless if it is highly processed or not.

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