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The Weight Gain Menagerie

“The Mad Fattener” some call them. Some call them crazy, a criminal even, but to a few, they are a visionary with a goal! A goal to fatten up as many beautiful women as possible! The question is, how with the Mad Fattener change the world?

The Feeder: a relatively normal person in a relatively normal world, the Mad Fattener relies on the tried and true basics: feeding. Whether through a convincing personality, hypnosis, forced feeding, or even kidnapping, they would fatten up as many women as they can!

The Scientist: chemist and inventor, the Mad Fattener is a mad scientist who is more than willing to test their latest invention or concoction on as many pretty young women as is necessary to bring about the future they envision!

The Gifted: the Mad Fattener has gotten a hold of a mystical artefact, fantastical gadget, or supernatural power to help attain their goals of creating a fatter future for the women of the world!

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