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The Makeup And Hair Trend That’s All The Rage In Korea, And How To Try It

The natural I’m-barely-wearing-any-makeup look has always been a cornerstone of Korean beauty, but last year, into this year, the trend has taken natural to new heights. From eyes and lips to hair, it’s all about using what your mama gave you. Or, at least, making it look like you are.

Easy on the eyes

Celebrities have been favoring more relaxed looks, using subtle shadows and colors that tend toward their natural colors.

Assistant director Go Mi Young of Korean cosmetics brand A. by Bom says, “Rather than using makeup to add color to your face, it’s better to use a lip color that simply enhances your natural tone. And rather than sharp, thick eyeliner, adding depth with shadows and emphasizing full, long lashes will open up the eyes and give a dreamy look.”

Waves, waves, waves

Creative director Jung Hee Rin of Juno Academy has named two big hairstyling trends for 2018: wet hair and natural waves.

Wet hair is perhaps a more difficult look to pull off as an everyday style, but it’s certainly an adventurous look you could try tackling on an island vacation or special occasion. Assistant manager Mindeulle of IBelle Femme says, “Wet hair is something that has often been in fashion shows or celebrity pictorials, but recently, a lot of civilians are trying the look too. Before hair has dried and it’s still damp, sufficiently massage an oil or essence into your hair, and then style. The look is great to try out on beaches or even festivals.”

Natural waves, like hippie perms, are still everywhere, still going strong. The look can be achieved by using an iron to create curls — tighter or looser depending on your desired look — in different directions.

It’s popular with both long, bob-length, and everything-in-between hair. Director Choi Min of Jacques Dessange in Seoul says, “The natural bob hippie perm is trendy, and is a style that can suit anyone. The look works well with different bang styles as well, and creates a cute, lovely look. It’s also a great style to try when growing out shoulder-length hair.”

Check out Korean beauty guru Heizle below for how-tos on natural makeup and easy hippie waves!

Click here to learn how to get the natural makeup look:

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And here to get easy hippie waves:

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