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The Healthiest Meals In The Fast Food World


Waba Grill/Chipotle/Uproxx

Going to get a jump on the health-obsessed commenters out there and cop to something right out of the gate: If you’re trying to be healthy or lose weight, fast food is your enemy. For real.

Psst, reader. Yes, you! Is the coast clear? Okay, let’s start again. We know that sometimes living healthy is hard, especially if you’re caught in an on-the-go lifestyle. Finding time and the sheer willpower to cook can be difficult after a full day. And the ease of a drive-through is just so very tempting.

But can you hit up fast food without going overboard? Can you avoid the fries or nachos or — worse yet — the NACHO FRIES? In curating this list of healthier (or less-bad-for-you) fast food, we focused on dishes that felt balanced and not excessive. We tried to keep in mind the standard 2000-calorie a day diet and the assumption that you’d be aiming to eat three meals in a day, but this is an imperfect measure. Still, in the end, we came up with 15 healthy meals you can order while roving the depths of the fast food world.

Use it to guide you the next time cooking sounds like a chore.

Chicken Veggie Bowl From Waba Grill

Calories: 570
Fat: 13g
Cholesterol: 120mg
Sodium: 190mg
Dietary Fiber: 6g
Sugars: 6g
Protein: 42g

Waba Grill’s entire mission statement revolves around healthy eating, so you’re pretty safe with anything on the menu so long as you’re not eating in excess. Low in sodium, and high in fat and protein, the Chicken Veggie Bowl’s meat is basted in a teriyaki-like sauce and served over a bed of rice with steamed cabbage, carrots, and broccoli. Also, Waba totally sounds like the name of a pokemon, so you can annoy everyone you’re about to eat lunch with by constantly saying “Waba Waba!” I’ve done it, and I’m pretty much the best person to eat lunch with so…

This is one of the best tasting healthy options out there in the fast food world. It honestly doesn’t even feel like you’re trying to eat healthy when you go. More vegetables in fast food is something we can fully get behind. If you want to get extra healthy consider subbing chicken for some salmon or not letting them add the sugar-laden sauce.


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