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The Best Products In India For 3 Common Hair Problems

Everything has its pros and cons. Hair — that thing you love styling daily — is just one of the things we’re focusing on here. While they help define your face better, they also come with a set of problems, like hair-thinning, dandruff and frizz, that start to look (and get), rather awry most times. Now, that’s not what you want right?

Here, we’ve listed down product recommendations for 3 common hair problems men face. Thank us later if they end up being your ultimate solution. 

1. Thinning Hair

Ever heard of hair-thickening shampoos? Even David Beckham uses them. Why? Because over time, as your mop turns to gradual thinning, their use will boost the over-all bounce. The special polymers in such products will show a 20% improvement over time, resulting in thicker-looking hair. But that’s just the start. 

Besides this, you can also use a thickening cream (like the one while styling your hair, to give them a bounce instantly. 

As for the shampoo, try the GO247 Mint Thickening Shampoo, we’d say.

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2. Frizzy Hair 

Unfortunately, ‘frizz’ is a harsh reality on your scalp. Almost all of us have been faced with it at least once in our lives. But the good news is, with the use of a single product post shampooing every day, you can get rid of the frizz over time (no matter how intense it is or not). 

First off, stop shampooing too often, in case you are. Two, invest in a shampoo+conditioner (like this one) that’s very moisturising, something, that conditions your hair more than shampooing it. Or best — start using a leave-in conditioner after a hair bath. They’ll lock the moisture in with some major aggression. 

Try the Living Proof No-Frizz Leave-In Conditioner.

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3. Dandruff-Ridden Hair

If you’ve been facing dandruff troubles for a while, don’t lose hope yet — dandruff can be treated with the right products and a good direction. First off, massage your scalp vigorously while shampooing. #2, shampoo every day. And most importantly, use an anti-dandruff shampoo every day. But the deal is, depending upon the intensity of your dandruff problem, your cheap off-the-rack product might not work.  

We’d suggest, you give the Neutrogena T/Gel Therapeutic Original Formula Shampoo a try. 

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