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The Best Hair Towels on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of towels before  — including the best bath towels, towel warmers, and the best towels on Amazon — here we’ve rounded up the best hair towels, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

DuraComfort Essentials Super Absorbent Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel

With over 2,600 5-star reviews, this hair towel is often described as absorbent, and hundreds of happy reviewers say it’s helped cut drying time without adding frizz. “I used to use a t-shirt to wrap my hair in for the longest time because towels are bulky, not very absorbent, and tend to add frizz,” says one reviwer, noting, This “DuraComfort towel has been such a great solution. It hasn’t added frizz and pulls moisture out of my hair in record time.” Another also tried wrapping her thick, wavy hair in t-shirts before switching to this quick-drying towel, writing, “I’ve been using this towel for about 3 weeks and I’m very pleasantly surprised with the results I’ve been getting. My hair is blowing out much smoother and I’ve cut down immensely on my straight ironing. I recommend this towel to anyone who is trying to reduce heat and products to achieve smoother, softer hair.” Even reviewers who prefer not to use heat in their hair feel this helps bring out their natural texture. One writes, “I have shoulder length hair and I want to enhance my curls. This towel is perfect for this. I put it on upon getting out of the shower and leave it on while getting dressed. When I take the towel off, my hair is almost dry. This leaves my curls softer and more natural looking.”

And now for some micro-picks for every type of hair towel you might be looking for.

Aquis Original Hair Turban

“Quality” is a word used by many reviewers to describe the material and efficiency of this hair towel-slash-turban, especially among those who have tried similar styles before. “I’ve tried many cheaper versions of these drying turbans, and this is certainly a case of ‘you get what you pay for.” As soon as I felt it, I knew it was better quality. I have wavy hair that needs product or it gets frizzy,” writes one reviewer. “When I took this off my head after my shower, my hair was almost dry and I had all these well defined curls. I couldn’t believe it.” Another reviewer who penned almost 500 words on this towel loves how lightweight it is, writing, “I have often wondered why I should have to balance a heavy towel on my head — that hurts my arthritic neck and falls off whenever I lean over. It is an annoying, achy, balancing act. The turban is lightweight and securely fixed to my head. It won’t come off if I do jumping jacks.” Dozens even comment that despite how easy and lightweight it is, it actually works, like one who writes, “I always air dry my hair. I don’t like damaging it with heat. But my hair takes hours to dry. This turban can do in 15 minutes. I never used hair turbans before because they wouldn’t stay in my hair, but this one fits as snugly as you want it to and buttons in the back, so it takes the sloppy mess out of using a hair turban.”

Aquis Original Hair Towel for Fine & Delicate Hair

Shoppers with fine and delicate flocked to this towel, describing it as gentle on fragile hair. One claims, “This towel has saved my hair. I have super fine hair prone to breakage. When I wrap this around my head, I just leave it for a few minutes then take it down. No rubbing, no squeezing, no dripping. The towel absorbs all the extra moisture and leaves your hair just damp. I took one with me on a four-month trip around the world and it was the most useful thing I brought.” Curly-haired reviewers even hopped on board with this towel, with one writing, “I have fine 2b wavy hair and wanted something to dry it quickly without making it frizzy. This did the job. I was hesitant about the size at first, but it works great. It dries fast and I even take it with me when I travel.” Another long time user writes, “I received my first Aquis towel from my mom about 30 years ago, and I am now on my third one. That tells me that each of them last about 10 years which is pretty impressive, and I use it every single day. It is very lightweight and never falls off while I’m getting ready or making breakfast or whatever.”

Tiitc Microfiber Hair Towel

“I wanted to get a towel for my daughter’s hair that she would keep on and wouldn’t be heavy for her little head,” writes one reviwer, about her 3-year-old with long, thick hair. She says this microfiber hair towel is, “So easy to put on. I can wrap it front or back. Her hair dries quicker and it doesn’t pull like I was afraid it was going to. Best of all, she loves it. She plays in it like it’s not even there.” Another mom who bought this for her daughter notes that for younger kids, it may be large: “I bought these for my 5-year-old because she hates having wet hair on her back (I do too, actually). The first night she used it, she fell asleep with it on, so it must be comfortable. It’s a tad big on her head, but I just give it a few extra twists to make sure it’s secure before hooking the loop over the button in the back.”

Luxe Beauty Essentials Microfiber Hair Towel

“Wow is all I have to say about this hair towel,” writes one reviwer who describes themselves as having head of long and thick hair. “No hair towels have ever been able to hold/dry all of my hair until this one. It’s the biggest hair towel I’ve been able to find and I’m able to wrap all of my hair into a ‘turban,’ saving my bath towels from the wrath of my hair. Its awesome.” Others who also have extremely long hair say using this cuts down on their dry time, like one who calls this a, “Staple hair care item for anyone with long hair trying to cut drying time. Absorbs more water than a cotton towel. My hair is smoother since I switched to microfiber.” Another who loves to sleep with wet hair added this towel to her routine, commenting, “This hair towel did an excellent job of leaving my hair much more dry by morning, and even less unruly. It felt more like a spa treatment than anything; I would envision myself using a towel this plush at a salon or any sort of spa. It is so comfortable and easy to use, and kept my hair piled on top of my head all throughout the night.”

Hair RePear Ultimate Hair Towel

One reviewer recently started embracing her natural curls, but “after years of harsh chemicals,” she noticed intense breakage until she used this towel. She writes, “I find that my ends are always heinous and my fly-aways are from obvious breakage. A few months ago, I heard a tip about how normal towels actually damage the hair. My curls look almost as gorgeous as if I took the time to twist and wrap my hair. The ends aren’t frizzy and coarse and I didn’t feel any strands pull and break. Such a simple solution.” Another reviewer felt this towel was the only solution to enhancing her natural loose waves, “My curly hair shampoo ran out and I just used my old non-curly hair shampoo that did nothing for my waves. But it wasn’t the curly shampoo that made my waves nice, it was this towel. Curls, no frizz and shine? I feel like I hit the lottery.” A few mention that even with the thickest of hair, they had to size down because the large size is truly very large, one says, “Wow, best hair towel ever. I can’t say enough about this towel. I have naturally curly hair and this step in my hair routine is crucial for my hair to turn out right. I will be buying another one. I bought the large but really only needed the smaller size. I have thick shoulder length hair and the large is still really big.”

Texere Women’s Bamboo Hair Towel

The bamboo material drew customers in who wanted to move away from synthetic materials, like one who writes, “I’ve tried the synthetic hair towels that are so widely recommended by stylists, especially for those of us with curly hair. This bamboo towel is far superior to the synthetic ones. It is hands down, softer, gentler, more absorbent.” Another who also wanted to get away from microfiber because she notes, “it’s not absorbent but clings, creates lint, and clings to odor and bacteria,” fell in love with this bamboo option. She writes, “When I can’t find cotton, I don’t hesitate at all to go to bamboo. I own several bamboo towels and a bamboo blanket, all of which have fantastic weight but have held up really well. It’s really lightweight, unlike some of the big towels I own, which were actually straining my neck and pulling on my hair.” A few reviewers complain that it only has a loop to keep the towel closed, not a button, but this reviewer raves about the feature, writing, “That is one of the things I like most about this hair wrap. It does not have an elastic loop that will stretch or dry out or a button that will fall off (I’ve had wraps that have both and have had those issues). With this wrap you just pull the very tip of the towel through the loop and voila’ it holds nicely. It is loose enough for air circulation, and tight enough for stability.”

Aquis Original Hair Towel

Compared to other hair towels and tools, most felt this dried their hair much quicker without damaging their strands. “I have really thick hair so it’s always taken forever to dry. Even with blow drying my hair for 15-20 minutes it would still be pretty wet. I tried a few hair products (oil, primer, etc) and nothing really worked much. After using the towel my hair already felt like it usually did after I gave up on blow drying it,” claims one satisfied reviewer, concluding “This definitely does what it says it does by drying hair fast without a hair dryer.” Other reviewers with damage-prone hair felt this towel made a big difference in their hair health, one writes, “I have long hair (half way down my back) and do hot yoga often. I wash my hair almost every day because of how much I sweat and the towel drying has been doing a load of damage to my hair. I read an article in a magazine that suggested this towel to help battle hair damage. It definitely cuts down on dry time (I only towel dry) and is super absorbent. I feel like my hair is much healthier since I have purchased this towel.”

Evolatree Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap

Many bought this hair towel to help reduce frizz. One writes, “I’ve dried my curly hair with a terry towel all my life. But I thought I’d change up my morning routine and give one of these towel wraps a go. And I love it. No going back. Soaks up tons of water, keeps my hit out of my fave while I keep getting ready, and kickstarts my curls without adding frizz. Love, love, love it.” Another loves how secure it stays, commenting, “I love this. Compared to a towel, it wraps very securely (doesn’t fall off). It’s not heavy. It’s long enough for my long hair (I’m 5’6” and my hair falls down to where my bra strap is on my back). It absorbs more moisture more quickly, and my hair feels noticeably softer after using it, which means less damage and less frizz.” Many reviewers love how it also holds long and thick hair, making it beloved across hair types. One reviewer writes, “It takes a very, very long time for me to dry my hair. But I hate feeling my wet hair on the back of my shirt. So I bought this on a whim, and now I don’t think I could ever go back. All of my hair fits perfectly inside. It soaks up water faster than a standard terry cloth towel, and it’s infinitely more comfortable.”

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