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The 7 Best Products I Can Buy in the Drugstore Hair-care Aisle

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My hair is very bleached and thus, very damaged. Certain brands — Christophe Robin, Gisou, and Sachajuan — can keep my fried hair soft, shiny, and bouncy, but those products are definitely not cheap. Repurchasing Christophe’s $71 Prickly Pear mask every few months can be downright upsetting. Sometimes, when I’m low on money or just need a cheap alternative (typically when traveling), I gotta go to the drugstore. And while I really do adore all my fancy hair products, I must say my drugstore favorites have held me down in some pretty tricky situations. Below, some of my low-budget faves for my intensely high-maintenance hair.

Garnier Whole Blends Gentle Shampoo Oat Delicacy


at Amazon

If you don’t have color-treated hair, I’d take a look at this shampoo and conditioner set. What I love about this duo is that it’s completely neutral. It’s not at all stripping, but it’s not over-the-top moisturizing — so if you want clean, soft hair without that heavy feeling, add this to your cart.

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