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The 13 Best Diffusers for Curly Hair, From $5 to $400


Let us guess: When you dry your hair (with direct heat on your scalp), you get frizzy, static curls and breakage. And when you air-dry your curls, they pretty much stay wet all day. It’s a major hair dilemma, right? But it’s one that can be easily solved with a diffuser. It’s a handy little attachment tool that can help dry hair, define curls and reduce frizz. Just pop it onto the end of your blow dryer and let it do the work for you—just don’t forget to add some heat-protectant serum before starting and leave your dryer on the lower setting. Below, 13 of the best diffusers for curly hair, according to reviewers. 

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With over 1,000 5-star ratings, we’re not surprised by this diffuser’s benefits. One Amazon reviewer said, “I love this diffuser! It has completely changed my curls for the better. It also has cut down on drying time because it holds so much of my hair at a time. Will always have this product on hand for life.”

The 360-degree design works to dry your hair quickly from root to tip. Whether you have thick, long or curly hair, the diffuser enhances your natural strands, minimize frizz and boosts volume. And thanks to the silicone grip, you can forget it falling off the nozzle mid-dry. 

$18 at Amazon

This diffuser provides soft, bouncy curls to wavy or permed hair. It works to gently dry large areas while leaving curls frizz-free—not to mention it’s a pretty universal fit for all hair dryers. One reviewer raved about the product, saying “[It’s] the best dryer I have ever used on my thick and curly hair. The large diffuser and the light weight of the dryer make drying my hair quick and easy.”

$15 at Amazon

The last thing you want to do is buy a diffuser only to realize realize it doesn’t fit your hairdryer. This silicone tool is built to stretch or shrink to fit any nozzle, which also makes it super portable. “I love this product! I travel often, and I’m always freaking out that the plastic diffuser that came with my dryer will get broken during transit leaving me to deal with bad hair for my entire trip,” expressed an Amazon reviewer. “This diffuser fits snugly on my dryer, even with my dryer’s somewhat oddly shaped end.”

$16 at Amazon

Yup, this weird but useful tool is great for a quick-dry (especially if you’re using roller sets). It fits on every size blow dryer and is small enough to add to your bag without taking up much room. One reviewer had a great tip when traveling with one: “This diffuser sock is great for attaching to the mini blow dryers supplied in hotel rooms. I used it on low heat and it gradually dried my wavy/curly hair without causing frizz.”

$5 at Amazon

The 114 air outlets and multiple teeth on this one help to distribute equal amounts of heat throughout your curls, which prevents dryness. The attachment also has eco-friendly material while assuring salon-quality results.

An Amazon reviewer couldn’t express enough how it completely changed her curls, saying, “This is the best diffuser I have used. My curls are bouncier and fuller than they have been in a long time. I am a curly hair expert! I have used many diffusers that break, fall off the hairdryer and melt. This is awesome! It covers a large part of your head which is key and keeps frizz down. Worth every penny!”  

$19 at Amazon

This lightweight silicone diffuser wants to make traveling easier with its foldable design. For one reviewer, it was the diffuser she’d been searching for. “This is a lifesaver! I use this in my carry on every flight I take. It’s small and lightweight. It gets the job done and pairs well with a travel hairdryer.”  

$13 at Amazon

OK, so if you’re down to pay $400 for a hairdryer it has to be worth it, right? This quiet tool comes with three attachments including a curly hair diffuser. It works to stimulate the natural drying process to reduce frizz and help you style your hair with control. 

If the features alone don’t persuade you, know that this dryer has over 1,000 positive five-star rating. “I LOVE this dryer. I couldn’t be more impressed with how quickly and easily my hair dries to a smooth finish. I have a lot of grey hair that tends to frizz and my hair is delicate and easily prone to heat damage,” the reviewer raved. “I waited a long time due to the high cost, but it is worth the money. Especially since it is my go-to styling tool for touch-ups as well. Go ahead and treat yourself, you won’t regret it!”  

BUY IT ($399)

Looking to create curly or wavy styles? The attachment helps to dry hair quickly and bring some added volume to your looks. “I never really used a diffuser but after buying this universal one, I love it! Definitely defines the curls!” said one happy reviewer.  

$10 at Amazon

This diffuser evenly dries your hair, protects from heat damage and prevents any frizz. Many reviews raved about how easy it is to travel with including this 5-star review: “I like that this dryer has cool, warm and hot settings as well as low and high speed. The dual voltage and electrical adapters make it ideal for overseas travel.”  

$18 at Amazon

The salon known for its blowouts created a diffuser for the curly gal in mind. One Amazon reviewer stated, “Love my new Drybar diffuser. Super useful, helps my curls fluff and dry nicely fits on my blowdryer, great size and teeth for drying, good price, etc. No complaints, thanks Drybar!” (It’s important to note it is specifically designed for the brand’s popular Buttercup blow dryers but can work on nozzle sizes up to 2 inches.)  

$34 at Amazon

The lightweight tool’s 12 air outlets makes for fast dry time while providing frizz-free results. It fits on most BIO IONIC dryers (except for the Power Diva model). One Amazon reviewer called it: “The absolute best diffuser I’ve ever had. I recommend this to everyone who likes to use them. I like the way it’s made to where you can open up vents or close.”  

$24 at Amazon

Not your average diffuser, this tool’s design is all about surrounding curls (basically hugging them) at the roots to speed up the drying process and enhance the natural definition. One reviewer couldn’t rave enough about the tool, saying “I would recommend this product for every curly hair. Lightweight, easy to use and dries my hair like no other tool. I spend 20 minutes maximum drying my hair with Devafuser. Not to forget the gorgeous curls it creates!”

$30 at Amazon

Forget the attachment, this entire hairdryer is made for diffusing. The unique design adds texture, tames frizz and aims for fast drying with just one tool. One reviewer said, “This dryer is great for curly/wavy hair, easier to use than traditional dryer with a diffuser attachment, not as bulky. I love it!”

BUY IT ($30)

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