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Summer Vacation Ruined My Hair. This Moisturizing Hair Mask Fixed It.


I took a week off to spend time at the beach and boy, did I put my hair through the ringer. I went from salty ocean to chlorinated pool, barely brushed and tied back in Dutch braids or in a messy low bun, doused in sunscreen to keep my scalp from burning. Every time I took my hair down, I could see the fraying split ends and I could feel just how dried out everything was. It was time to call in the big guns for some serious hair repair.

Davines makes a bunch of hair masks, all focusing on different hair issues. I quickly grabbed their Renaissance Circle hair mask, which is packed with babassu butter to help gently detangle and yellow clay to strengthen strands and repair the hair structure. The squeeze pouch is incredibly easy to use and the mask, which feels like a thick cream, is easy to spread across your entire head. I slathered the mask onto my head after I had showered, shampooed, and towel dried, and twisted it up with a hair clip. Within a couple of minutes, I could feel my hair start to soften. You leave it for only 10 minutes and you’re left with hair you may not even recognize. It even has a resealable cap, so you don’t need to use the whole thing in one go. I was able to get two uses out of a single package. 

Because I have fairly fine hair, I had never given a hair mask a second look. I had always assumed that it would leave me with weighed down, greasy hair (since you’re not supposed to shampoo it out, just rinse). But a quick rinse took care of it and left my hair the softest it has ever felt. After it air dried, I couldn’t help but constantly touch my hair to feel how much of a difference just 10 minutes made. Now, which Davines hair mask do I want to try next?

Renaissance Circle Hair Mask

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