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Study shows work food may be hazardous to your health

The aroma of food cooking emanating from the cafeteria at work is an allure a new study suggests may be best ignored.

Researchers found that the majority of food consumed at work is of poor quality — highly processed and high in calories, fat, salt, and sugar.

Most foods fall outside recommended diet guidelines for healthy eating.

You might think people who are obese eat the most, right? Wrong! Obese people were shown to eat the same amount as others, but they chose the unhealthy options. They chose fewer fruits and vegetables.

And that yummy pizza you may go for? That was the highest calorie food most frequently consumed in the study.

You may also want to think twice before buying that full sugar soda. It was the most commonly bought unhealthy item at work.

The researchers suggest workplaces need to “step up” their quality of food. But until then, you may consider stepping in to work with a lunchbox packed with healthy, but filling food from home.

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