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Sleepless Working Mom Gail Simmons Turns to This Healthy Food Hack When Cooking Is a "Slog"

Sure, the inside of Gail Simmons’ fridge is a work of art. But sometimes, pulling out some of its contents to whip together dinner just isn’t an option for the uber-busy Bravo’s Top Chef judge. And when that happens, she leans on a healthy alternative to grabbing fast food. 

On September 28, Gail shared a snap that showed off her kitchen counter flooded with bags of shaved Brussels sprouts, sweet potato ribbons, and more. And in her caption, she explained just how handy those bags were about to come in.

“It’s been a helluva week,” she admitted. “I’m asked all the time if I cook every night, and while I cook plenty, with a tiny one at home and little sleep for several reasons, some weeks are a slog. Thank goodness for friends who come to the rescue when you need it most.” 

Now, before we continue to relay the caption, that last bit might need a little explanation. Gail’s friend, chef Mollie Chen, works with Hungryroot. The delivery service specializes in vegan meals that take 10 minutes or less to prep — think sweet-potato pad Thai, kale salads with protein, and more. 

Tagging Mollie in her post, Gail wrote: “We are full of healthy food, happy and grateful.” 

Photo: Gailsimmonseats/Instagram Stories 

This sure beats takeout! Oh, and fun fact: Hungryroot was co-founded by Top Chef Masters alum Franklin Becker. 

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