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Root boosters: Give your hair body and bounce

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It can be difficult to get volumised hair without looking like an extra from Dynasty.

But if you focus your attention just on the roots, you can give your tresses an extra boost without channelling your inner Alexis Colby. If you’d prefer to look more like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley than Joan Collins, why not try one of these hot root boosting products.

TOPPIK hair fibres are one of the most revolutionary new releases in months. Applied to the roots of the hair, these fibres, which contain natural keratin protein, attach to existing hair strands to give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair in seconds. They come in a range of shades and last until the next hair wash.

Or why not try tackling limp locks from the inside out – by adding New Nordic’s Hair Volume range to your vitamin regime. Based on a unique Swedish apple and millet formula with amino acids, silica, and vitamins, this supplement supports healthy hair volume and growth by providing essential nutrients containing natural apple proanthocyanidin-B2 growth factor, which stimulates hair epithelial cells for hair follicles, skin and nails.

If you want to go down the volumising spray route, then OGX’s Bamboo Fibre-full Thickening Root Booster is a good place to start. At a purse-friendly price, this spray helps amp up your hair’s “wow factor” with a lightweight blend of bamboo fibres and soy proteins. Spray directly onto the roots to help give your hair lift, life and a voluminous boost.

Or give MONAT’s Reshape Root Lifter a try. This alcohol-free root amplifying spray creates long-lasting, high-impact volume, provides protection against heat styling induced damage, and increases shine significantly. It also nourishes and fortifies the follicle helping to boost growth and reduce thinning.

Design.ME’s Hair Puff.ME is another fab choice. It’s the first-ever volumising powder spray, which peps up medium to thick hair and flagging follicles to give top results.

Mousses have developed something of a bad reputation over the years, but Leo Bancroft is trying to change all of that with his Thick and Fuller Mousse. This body-boosting product uses moringa oil to nourish hair and give the illusion of fuller tresses – giving long-lasting texture and flexible hold.

If you’re looking for something a bit more intensive, then try Time Bomb’s MASS APPEAL Hair Thickening Supplement. This body-building leave-in formula plumps up thin, limp, lifeless hair by plumping individual strands with an invisible coating of fibrous oat glucans to make locks appear thicker and fuller! It also contains baobab extract to hydrate and condition the hair without weighing it down.

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