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Replace your oily snacks with these 6 healthy alternatives

Replace your oily snacks with these 6 healthy alternatives

This fasting season, it’s important that you include foods that are nutritious and at the same time aligns with your fasting rituals.

Though not out of choice, many would agree that this is the right time to lose weight but with the right picks.

Do not indulge in high-calorie food and rather go for the following six healthy snack ideas!

Fruit and vegetables are the best option

A bowl of fresh fruits and boiled vegetables provide you with sumptuousness keeping your fasting regime healthy. Vegetables including bottle gourd, potato, pumpkin, colocasia, yam, sweet potato, cucumber, raw plantain, tomato, carrot, raw papaya, and spinach should be consumed during fasts for their nutrition.

Dairy products should be in your list

Hence, you can definitely consume natural products such as milk, curd, paneer, butter, ghee, khoya, and condensed milk.

Go nuts over nuts; we mean dry fruit

Dry fruits are a good option to gain energy with very little. Eat almonds, pistachio, cashew nuts, and makhana during fasts. Makhana consists high-fibre content avoiding constipation. It strengthens the body, reduces burning sensation and quenches thirst.

Healthy beverages are great

From coffee to green or ginger tea, a healthy beverage is a great source of antioxidants that offer up a load of health benefits.

Be sweet with sweet potatoes

Though sweet potatoes might not rank high among the foods to eat during your fasts, but this super-food has ton of health benefits. A good source of vitamin C and potassium, sweet potatoes aid in weight loss too. We suggest: Bake it, boil it but don’t fry it. 

Peanut butter is an instant option

Peanut butter contains fiber, protein, and healthy fats—a combo that helps you feel fuller for longer. Substitute peanut butter with your regular butter not only when you are fasting but make it a habit and see the fat melt away.

So, show some love to these healthy snacks and keep them handy during your fasting season!

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