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Prince William Once Had Thick Beard In These Throwback Photos

Prince William once had a thick beard when he was much younger, but many people just remember him without it.

In 2008, the Duke of Cambridge sported the rugged look during his Christmas celebration with the royal family. In one of the photos, the dad of three is wearing a suit and a tie while his face is turned towards the camera. It is obvious that he has a dark and thick beard that is also very straight.

Prince Harry currently has a beard, but the shade of his hair is much lighter than Prince William’s. The Duke of Sussex’s beard is also much curlier than his older brother’s.

Prince William grew his beard while growing out his hair as well. At present, it is very obvious how much hair he has lost. In a closeup photo, the top of Prince William’s head was filled with hair 10 years ago.

And while Prince William was still growing his beard, it was Prince Harry that had a clean-shaven face at that time. In one of their photos, the royal siblings are standing beside each other while wearing their suits. Prince Harry’s hair is much thicker than Prince William’s, but he has no beard.

In related news, Prince Harry also made headlines for this beard two months ago. At that time, he and Meghan Markle were in Dubbo, Australia for their first overseas tour. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex met a 5-year-old boy who was fascinated with Prince Harry’s hair and beard.

After the royal couple knelt down to talk to Luke Vincent from Buninyong Public School, the adorable boy gave the future dad a tight hug before holding his hair. Markle couldn’t help but laugh at the young boy’s gesture, and she covered her mouth while laughing. Prince Harry couldn’t also contain his laughter after their hilarious encounter.

“The image of the young chap firstly hugging then patting Prince Harry’s beard is dead set the best thing I have ever witnessed. I love him. I love them. I love it all,” one royal fan tweeted.

Prince William once had thick beard and thick hair. Pictured: Prince William sits with Harry O’Grady aged 5 years as they make chocolate truffles as he takes part in a children’s pretend snow ball fight during a Christmas party to deliver a message of support to deployed personnel serving in Cyprus and their families over the festive period at Kensington Palace on December 04, 2018 in London, England. Photo: Getty Images/Richard Pohle-WPA Pool

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