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Prince Harry’s Hair Loss Makes Him ‘Paranoid, Less Attractive,’ Expert Says

Prince Harry is being encouraged to do something about his thinning hair by an expert.

Dr. Asim Shahmalak told Express that if Prince Harry won’t address his hair problem, he will most likely suffer from male pattern baldness like his older brother Prince William when he gets much older.

Spencer Stevenson, hair loss expert and founder of SpexHair, told the publication that Prince Harry’s hair loss may have impacted him negatively just like how it would impact normal people. More specifically, he said that the Duke of Sussex’s receding hairline may have been the cause of some of his anxieties.

“When you consider his apparent Jack-the-Lad nature and the fact that he’s constantly in the public eye, it’s probably safe to assume that he too could have been paranoid but his own thinning crown would make him less attractive – despite his wealth and status,” he said.

Stevenson also shared some of the conversations he has had with men who are anxious and scared to settle down because of their hair loss. This is because losing one’s hair is usually a sign of aging and it suggests that the biological clock is already ticking.

Some men tend to feel very insecure and undesirable. Others also feel alienated from their friends and family. Some men who are suffering from hair loss do not also openly discuss their problems even with those people closest to them.

“If Prince Harry’s hair loss worsens and he hasn’t got the guts to shave it off like his brother, William, there are a range of solutions on the market – I’d be happy to discuss with him,” he said.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Prince Harry’s baldness has been a cause for concern among royal fans. Two weeks ago, photos of the Duke of Sussex and the Duke of Cambridge showing how much hair they’ve lost in recent years were uploaded online by InStyle magazine.

In the younger photos of the royal siblings, it is evident that Prince William and Prince Harry used to have thick hair. But this changed as they got older.

The top part of Prince Harry’s hair has thinned down. Pictured: Prince Harry greets well-wishers on Hamilton Square as he visits a new statue to mark the 100th anniversary of the death of poet Wilfred Owen, which was erected on Hamilton Square in November, during an official visit to Birkenhead on January 14, 2019 in Birkenhead, United Kingdom. Photo: Getty Images/Charlotte Graham-WPA Pool

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