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‘Ompong’ leaves P3.9M in damage to NegOcc crops, livestock sector

THE recent onslaught of Typhoon Ompong enhancing the Southwest Monsoon or “habagat” has left damage and production losses worth about P3.9 million to crops and livestock sector of Negros Occidental.

The Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) on Monday reported that the province’s rice sector incurred a total of almost P3.8 million in production losses.

The figure covers 713 affected farmers with combined areas of 764.38 hectares in 13 barangays of four local government units (LGUs).

The OPA report, covering the period of September 14 to 16, further showed that San Carlos City has the highest amount of losses, P2.1 million.

It covers 646 affected farmers with 679.80-hectare rice farm areas in six barangays.

It was followed by Cadiz City, at almost P1.5 million, with 55 affected farmers. The 54-hectare damaged farms are situated in four barangays of the locality.

Bago City, which is the rice granary of Negros Occidental, incurred P192, 240 in production losses. The amount accounts for nine farmers with 10.68 hectares in one barangay.

Three farmers in two barangays of Moises Padilla town were also reported to have P24, 299 worth of damage. The figure covers an affected area of 1.90 hectares.

The Provincial Veterinary Office (PVO), meanwhile, reported damage to animal sector worth about P120, 000 in four barangays of three localities.

The report covering the period of September 14 to 15 showed that the typhoon left P95, 374 worth of damage at Barangays East and West in Candoni.

Affected livestock animals are cattle, sow, fattener, piglet and calf, all being raised in backyard farms.

In Kabankalan City, three backyard farms in Barangay Bantayan incurred P20, 000 worth of losses. Affected farmers raise duck, native chicken and piglet.

PVO also reported P4, 633 worth of damage in Hinoba-an town. Affected are layer chickens in a backyard farm at Barangay 2.

Both OPA and PVO are still monitoring and assessing other areas for possible additional damage and losses brought by the calamity.

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