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Nine-week-old baby’s hair is so long that strangers always stop to stare at him

(Picture: Kennedy News)

A nine-week-old boy could be one of Britain’s ‘hairiest babies’, as his hair is almost longer than his mum’s.

Renzo Henderson’s jet black hair shocked doctors when he was born, telling his mum, Shannon Kaitell, 24, ‘wow, he has a lot of hair’, when they could see his head during labour.

The baby’s hair has grown so long that now, at nine weeks, his mum jokes that it’s almost outgrown her own hair when she’s not wearing extensions.

Pictures show that even by just 20 days old, Renzo’s hair had begun to extend inches down his tiny back.

Mum-of-two Shannon bathes and washes her little boy’s hair every day to keep it soft and clean but admits it ‘does what it wants’ when she tries to style it.

Although her older son Rome Henderson, four, also had hair when he was born, Shannon claims she’s never seen hair as long as Renzo’s on a newborn baby.

(Picture: Kennedy News)

Shannon, from Gravesend, Kent, said: ‘I haven’t actually ever known a baby to have hair like it. I do think he’s definitely up there as one of the hairiest – his hair is bigger than he is.

‘When Renzo was born it was really long, especially at the back. When I was in labour they didn’t even say if they could see the head. There were a few people in the room and quite a few shocked faces.

‘The first thing they said to his dad when they took him to see him was “look how much hair he’s got”. It’s been long since birth, but since then it just keeps growing.

‘It’s not until I look back over the pictures that I realise how fast it’s grown.

‘I’ve never actually measured it, but it’s inches long, especially at the back.’

(Picture: Kennedy News)

Shannon says her son’s hair is a bit like ‘a long haired cat once they’ve been brushed and it’s like fluff’ when she touches it.

‘It’s so, so soft. I’ve never felt hair like it,’ she said.

Apparently, Renzo gets compliments constantly, with people always stopping to ask to touch his hair. He’s very popular.

‘I didn’t really realise that babies with hair is such a big thing,’ Shannon says.

‘It’s not until you look that you realise that most people’s aren’t actually born with hair or that much hair, and then a lot people say their baby’s hair falls out.

‘I’m hoping that Renzo’s doesn’t. My first son’s didn’t, so I’m hoping it will be the same with Renzo.’

Shannon and her fiancé Chris Henderson, 33, love their baby’s thick locks and plan to avoid cutting it for as long as possible.

Shannon, a stay-at-home mum, said: ‘I quite enjoy him having long hair. People haven’t mistaken him for being a girl but they do ask first, “boy or girl?”

(Picture: Kennedy News)

‘Whereas with my Rome I never had anyone mistake him for a girl because he just looked like a little boy.

‘Chris just laughs at Renzo all the time. He finds it hilarious.’

Even though both her sons have been blessed with thick hair, Shannon doesn’t know where they get it from.

‘I don’t think I have particularly nice hair myself,’ she says.

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‘I’m half African and I don’t actually have afro hair but with my ethnicity our hair doesn’t grow that well.

‘Mine is naturally curly but I straighten it so much and use so many heat treatments it doesn’t ever grow that much.

‘I think men’s hair always grows quicker, but I never expected for my newborn to have that much hair.’

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