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Most Prefer to Exercise Over Eating Healthy


The top ways consumers say they stay healthy are by drinking enough water, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep, according to Mintel. Meanwhile, consumers are less likely to change their diet to stay healthy by avoiding sugar, eating a low-calorie diet, or limiting intake of meat.

Forty-eight percent of consumers are more likely to say exercising is worth the effort, over 31 percent who say eating healthy is more worth it. Cost is a factor in encouraging people to exercise rather than improve their diet as consumers are nearly seven times more likely to agree it’s expensive to eat healthy food than they are to agree it’s expensive to exercise.

While consumers say they prefer working out, the majority still make an effort to keep their diet on track. Mintel research reveals that although just 7 percent say they are strict with themselves to ensure that their diet is as healthy as possible, 31 percent say they maintain a healthy diet most of the time. Full Story

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