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Margot Robbie Debuts Curly Hair at Tribeca Film Festival — Photos

Since hitting the scene in 2013, we’ve seen actress Margot Robbie wear an array of different hairstyles, including long mermaid waves, sleek lobs, and voluminous blowouts, to name just a few. One look we’ve yet to see the star show off — until now, that is — is a head full of curls, so it was a welcome surprise when she debuted the style on Monday evening.

The 28-year-old actress flaunted her curls while promoting her new film Dreamland this week at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. The look in question featured a stark middle part and thick curls cascading down her chest, stopping just above her breasts. Unlike the coiffed and super-sleek styles we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on Robbie, this look is refreshingly wild and suits her stunning features flawlessly.

While it’s unclear who styled her hair for the outing, Byrce Scarlett is her usual go-to hairstylist, and just posted photos of the star’s strands when they were straightened a few days ago for an event for Alexa Chung. However, Scarlett has yet to post about this new look, so it has us wondering if Robbie decided to do her hair herself and forego the usual polished styles in favor of her natural curls. It’s also worth noting that she could very well be wearing a wig, though if she is, it’s as realistic as it gets.

It should go without saying but we’re living for Robbie’s new look and love seeing the star experiment with styles she’s never worn before. If the curls are in fact her own, we sure hope to see them showcased more in the future — especially on the red carpet.


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