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Maintain the Mane: The Ultimate SPY Guide to Hair Loss

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* 60% of men and 40% of women experience hair thinning by the age of 40

* Discover how to manage thinning hair and maintain a healthy scalp

* Products include shampoos, treatment oils, lasers and more

On average, the human scalp has anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 hair follicles. Unfortunately when genes, stress, health, coloring your hair, and the natural aging process come into play, our hair may respond by shedding and thinning out more than we’d like it to.

If you’re worried about hair loss or looking for ways to maintain your thinning hair, we’ve rounded up the best products, tips and hacks to put a pause on hair loss and promote a healthy scalp for both men and women.


Scalp Products For Thinning Hair


Regardless of your gender, hair is very much something people take for granted until one day, it decides to start leaving your head. And when that day happens, it starts a progression that will see more and more hair disappear over time, leaving you sapped of confidence and feeling like there’s no way to prevent the seemingly inevitable outcome. But what if there was? Take a look at these five great additions to your hair thinning prevention arsenal and give your hair a fighting chance.


Protect Your Receding Hairline with These Hacks


A strong, healthy hairline looks good on everyone, but sadly, most guys’ hairlines start to recede with age, and sometimes as early as their twenties. However, we’ve found a few effective (and affordable) hacks for keeping a youthful hairline as long as possible. Check out our top hair treatments in the link below.


Shampoos To Stop Hair From Thinning


Most men feel more confident with a full head of hair (Bruce Willis aside, perhaps). Sadly, guys also have to deal with hair thinning as we get older. The easiest way to help stop hair thinning is to switch out your shampoo for one that contains DHT blockers. This ingredient safely and effectively reduces the DHT hormone in your scalp, which is one of the most common causes of hair loss. Check out the best shampoos with DHT blockers below.


Essentials Oils For Thinning Hair


It’s estimated that nearly 85% of men will start showing noticeable signs of thinning hair by the time they’re 35, with a whopping 85% of men experiencing some degree of hair loss in their lifetime. If you’re worried about losing your lush locks and aren’t ready to hop on the Propecia or Minoxidil bandwagon, here are five natural essential oils that may help halt hair loss.


Olaplex Alternatives For Damaged Hair


Olaplex’s claim to fame is that it works. This “not a conditioner” treatment works to strengthen the hair from within, reducing breakage and improving its overall look and feel. However, if you can’t get your hands on this product or if you simply want a few more options, we’ve found a few alternatives for seriously damaged hair that work in the same vein as Olaplex. Continue reading for some lesser known but equally potent products.


How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster


Whether you’re suffering from a bad hair cut or simply longing to add length to your luscious locks, there are a number of products available to put your hair in the best shape for maximum growth ranging from vitamins to scalp stimulating massagers. Check out our top picks in the link below.


Vitamins to Stop Hair Loss


Hair loss is an especially common problem for men, and balding can start even in the early 20s. However, finding a prevention product that actually works (for your hair and for your wallet) can be a challenge. This is where Hims comes in. Hims is a new Silicon Valley startup that’s revamping the hair-loss prevention world by offering affordable, no-nonsense products that actually work to fight hair loss. Find out more below.


The Best Ways to Thicken Thinning Hair


Whether you like it or not, you’re probably going to experience some form of hair loss in your life. The good news? There are ways to help slow hair loss, delay thinning, and repair breakage from over-processing and coloring hair. We’ve put together a list of 8 well-reviewed and trusted products to help promote thick and lustrous hair.

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