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Lose Belly Fat Immediately By Cutting Down These 6 Foods

Excess belly fat is considered highly unhealthy and is an important risk factor for several diseases including diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, and metabolic syndrome. Poor diet is one major cause of gaining the ‘visceral fat’ surrounding your liver and other organs located in your abdomen.

Ditch the following foods and see your belly fat disappearing soon:

1. Sugary foods & beverages– Foods high in sugar such as candies, juices, cakes, soda, and other beverages can cause excess belly fat. The high fructose content of added sugars is believed to contribute to the visceral fat in your abdominal area. Studies have also found a positive association between high sugar consumption and excess belly fat.

2. Foods rich in Unhealthy fats (trans fats, saturated fats & omega-6 fats)– Consuming these fatty foods can lead to inflammation and excess abdominal fat. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic suggest that trans-fats found commonly in baked and fried foods that can also increase your risk of heart problems. Ditch the unhealthy fats and opt for good quality fats including olive oil and avocado. Cut down packed & processed foods, high-fat cuts of meat, candies, and oils: grape-seed, corn, safflower, and sunflower.

3. Carbohydrate-dense foods– Although not all carbs are bad for your health, some types of simple carbs can cause sugar and insulin spikes. Consuming such foods on a regular basis for a long period of time can cause inflammation, insulin resistance, and obesity. Reduce your intake of foods like Bagels, donuts, muffins and white pasta to reduce belly fat.

4. Deep-fried foods– Fried foods tend to sit in your stomach and it takes much longer for your body to digest them. And they contain high amounts of fat which can lead to belly fat. Moreover, fried foods are also bad for your digestive health and can cause acid reflux and heartburn.

5. Fat-free foods– Yes, even though they do not contain any fat, they can still cause belly fat. This is because they do not make you feel satiated and make you consume unwanted calories. These unhealthy foods can create rampant chronic inflammation and are extremely bad for your health. Chuck those fat-free options and consume healthy fats to get rid of belly fat quickly.

6. Alcohol– It is not just your liver that suffers the effects of alcohol consumption. Alcohol carries enormous amounts of empty calories which can slow down your body’s fat-burning capacity. After all, they don’t call it a beer belly’ without a reason. Similar to starches, Alcohol also converts to sugars and has the same effect pertaining to an increase in abdominal fat. So, reduce your alcohol consumption. Or at least opt for drinks that are lower in sugar and keep away those sodas and diet beverages.

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