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Lo Bosworth Reveals How To Take Those Perfect Food And Vacation Instagram Photos

Lo Bosworth has come a long way from her reality show days on “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills.” She founded Love Wellness, a women’s wellness company, and became an ICC trained chef. It’s through these ventures and love of food that the 33-year-old developed a significant social media following sharing beautiful pictures from her travels and kitchen. But, she’s hoping to inspire people to love the “ugly” things in life too.


How? Well, Bosworth partnered with Bolthouse Farms – the makers a variety of dressings – to help change perceptions of “ugly” produce. Her goal is to remind consumers that not every vegetable comes up Insta-worthy, but it’s just as delicious and nutritious. Although, the entrepreneur did share her top tips for capturing those perfect food and vacation photos. Here’s what she had to say.

Q: What attracted you to this partnership?

A: I was really interested in this concept of shedding light on the concept of ugly food. For me, it’s really about a food waste issue. There are so many people in America that are throwing away all of this perfectly good food. This campaign is really about doing good for people. I have a background in food and wedding to culinary school before I started Love Wellness. So, I love food and being creative with recipes, and I already somebody who uses ugly food in recipes. I’ll use ugly foods by putting them into a salad, into a soup, or dip of some kind. If something is “ugly,” it just means that’s it a little bit discolored or bruised or shaped in a funny way. But it doesn’t make the food any less nutritious or fresh. People are turned off by what they think is ugly.

Q: You love ugly foods, but your Instagram has some pretty great food pics. What are your tips for taking excellent food photos?

A: It’s all about natural light. I don’t have studio lighting equipment, and in New York City you’re not always living in an apartment with natural sunlight. My apartment faces west, so I only get good light in the afternoon and evening. But, the light you’re looking for is that morning light. Typically, I will walk my plate of food over to my window to get that glorious bright morning light. I just take pictures of food in natural light. That’s my only secret. I do have an eye when it comes to balance. I try not to put the subject of the photo in the middle of the picture; it’s more off to the side. There’s also typically another element to look at. But it’s really just highlighting the colors of the dish. I try to make things colorful, as well.

Q: You obviously travel a lot. How do you manage that healthy lifestyle while on the road?

A: It’s about following certain eating habits. Generally, no matter where you are in the world, you can access a salad or fresh vegetables. I often like to eat a salad for breakfast with a soft poached egg, and that’s something you can pretty much get anywhere. As long as you know what you’re looking for, you can find what you want. More than anything, it’s about self-control. It’s about having a conversation with yourself before you go on the trip about how you want to eat and life your life while you’re on vacation. If you make the decision ahead of time to make healthy foods a priority, then you’ll eat healthy foods.

Q: As a foodie and trained chef, are there destinations you love in particular?

A: I love Italy, and I’m going to Sicily in a few weeks with my boyfriend’s family. I can’t wait to explore what’s there.


Q: Is there any place still on your bucket list?

A: Yes! The Galapagos. I love animals and nature, so the Galapagos is someplace I want to check out. I’m also interested in going to Marrakesh right now because the food is so amazing.

Q: And how do you take such beautiful travel and selfie shots when you’re traveling? They’re just as pretty as your food pictures.

A: Well, I’m honestly just using my iPhone. But I just follow the same natural light patterns as I do with my food. I like incorporating the juxtaposition of shadow and natural light. And my degree is in art history, so I have a natural eye.

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