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Livestock auction earns P1.5 million



The Provincial Veterinary Office reported that the first livestock auction market earned about P1.5 million in sales at the Livestock and Dairy Fair at the Panaad Park in Bacolod City Friday.

Based on the record furnished by Provincial Veterinarian, Dr. Renante Decena, to the DAILY STAR, the auction had a total sales of P1,532,700 from five animal types.

Among these poultry animals were 180 heads of free-range pullet/cockerel, two sets of free-range trio, six free-range Autralorp chicken, four heads of turkey, trio turkey, 29 pekin ducks, and 27 mallard ducks.

In goats, two heads of Anglo Nubian does were sold, one red boer doe, one white boer doe, and two Anglo-boer does.

Nine white breed crosses grower were also sold in the pig/swine animals, with large white boar, Duroc Gilt/Parent Stock, Duroc boar/parent stock, five heads of large white breeder piglets, 18 heads of native weaner pigs, five native grower pigs, and 15 white fattener breeds.

Sheep were also sold during the auction, like Dorper ram, two heads of Dorper ewes, a Damara-Dorper ewe, Damara-Dorper junior ram, Damara-Dorper male lamb, Damara-Dorper female lamb, and sheep sold by investors from Palawan.

Three Holstein Friesian dairy bulls were also sold from the cattle, with three heads of Charbray beef, and Holstein Friesian dairy bull and cow.

The source of the livestock were the Negrense livestock raisers, livestock organizations, the Negros First Ranch in Murcia, and the Provincial Livestock Breeding Center and Dairy Farm in La Carlota City.*MLG


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