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Legends of Yndyre: A WG Fantasy

The sun rarely shown in Racovania; some put it down to the local volcanoes belching soot into the local atmosphere, others claimed that the place was just cursed and some even blamed the local population of more monstrous inhabitants of placing the region under a spell of never-ending darkness.

Sure, there were some days when the sun managed to wean its way through the cloud-cover, but those were a scant rarity.

This was a blessing to the vampires who called Racovania home. Their skin would burn and even burst into flames if exposed to too much sunshine, so the covered sun was appreciated; even if they did prefer to head out at night anyway.

One such denizen of the night was Cameena Stranken. She spent much of her time enjoying the lavishness of her castle (one of many in the region, each populated with many vampires), gazing out of the many tall windows at the bleak landscape or feeding from her cattle.

Vampires kept humans as walking blood-banks, saving them from hunting at night like animals. And in most cases these humans were treated very well; most even grew quite fat on the hedonistic lifestyle the vampires offered.

Right now Cameena was lazily settled on her throne, its bone-like design reeked of the macabre nature of her kind’s tastes, she was placing her grey chin on her knuckles as she lazily stared out the window, as hunched-over servants fidgeted in the darkest shadows. As she stared, Cameena’s belly gave a small gurgle, her vampiric hunger needed to be sated.

Rising slowly, the rubenesque vampire was now in full sight. She had thick ripe hips that made her blood-red dress billow out quite sharply, her waist thinned to a corset made of many rib-cages (which secretly held her one small shame), her gray-skinned bust appeared swollen as her breasts peeked out through the gap around her cleavage. Her long black hair spilled over her back and rested on her plump rump, perfectly straight and well washed in baths of blood.

As she sauntered forward towards the massive iron door of her throne room, Cameena’s servants ran to her side, eagerly raising her dress’s train off the stone floor or showering her with praise and compliments, before opening the doors for her with a great creak of the ancient iron.

Cameena barely even paid attention to these thralls as she made her way down the familiar trail to the second set of living quarters in the castle, where she kept her “cattle”.

The doors to this room were much smaller than that of her throne room, with bat-head doorknobs that the chattering servants quickly opened before Cameena could so much as raise her arm. As the doors gently swung open, the hungry vampire was greeted with her number one live-in resident.

Clara had been a timid girl when she had been offered up by her village to the local vampiress. It was a simple trade really, one youth, ripe with rich blood for the continued safety of the village, its people and its lifestyle. Initially she had shaken like a leaf; she was in abject terror the entire coach-trip to the castle, she shook in fear and the cold in the castle courtyard, and she desperately tried in vain to look for an escape route when she was placed in her lavish room.

Cameena had insisted many times that no harm would come to Clara, and even had her servants bring her food and fine clothes. She even offered the servants service to her, they would obey her smallest instruction, apart from grant her freedom.

It had taken many months of learning that Cameena would barely lay a finger on her, and that she was privy to an entire castle’s services for Clara to become used to her new life. Then she became indulgent, then lazy, then gluttonous. Nobody from her village ever ate well, so having enough food for an army offered to her every night was too much for the farmer’s daughter to resist. Now she ate gleefully and in vast quantities, turning her into what Cameena saw before her now.

The vampire grinned as she stared at what the years of rich decedent food had done to Clara, she was truly enormous. Her stomach was a massive pair of rolls that spilled over onto the sheets and spread to the lip of the bed. Her legs were a pair of fat stumps that jutted out from under her love-handles and partially wrapped around her stomach. Massive arms lay limp to her sides, rendered useless by the cascading layers of lard around them; she had the servants to lift food for her now, no sense wasting energy getting her arms to do it anymore. Humongous breasts rolled over the top of her belly before spread to the sides of the topmost part of the dome. And her face…oh her face; Clara had such a sweet cherubic look to her once despite her years, but now those chubby cheeks were huge sacks of fat, propped up by more chins than her father had goats. She sat on her bed constantly now, her vast weight pinning her down and stripping her of the ability to walk by herself.

She concentrated only on eating now, her wardrobe of progressively larger dresses abandoned once she drew more pleasure from stuffing herself than pressing her swelling body into increasingly more uncomfortable clothes, pretty as they were. The thralls still kept her tidy and prim though, despite her nudity; including pulling her hair up into a pair of ponytails, although this served another purpose…

“I see you are still enjoying the pleasures of my thrall’s services…” Cameena purred as Clara merely grunted happily in response, she was like a pig in mud. “I might have to ask you to pause for a mere moment Clara dear, I think I would like a bite to eat as well” the vampire added as Clara huffed, nodding her head indicating for the stooped-over creatures to leave them. Bowing many times the misshapen fiends scarpered, shutting the door behind them. Clara then leaned her head a little, revealing a pair of small wound in one of the fat rolls around her neck from where Cameena had dined before.

Licking her dark-gray lips, Cameena strode closer and leaned over the immobile cow, opening her mouth to reveal her pair of sharp white canines. Swiftly she plunged the dagger-sharp teeth into Clara’s neck and began to gulp down her meal.

The fat woman barely felt a thing, she had so much thick skin that a pair of incisions like that was nothing to her, and her body contained oh so very much rich blood.

Cameena’s eyes rolled back in her head a little, god the flavour, the taste! The other vampires were fools to deny themselves from indulging fully in their carnal pleasures. This blood was so sweet, so rich, and so good! The vampire was drinking so much of it that she could feel her corset begin to pinch a little; perhaps she should have removed it first?

*Chapter provided by Trampltrum

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