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K2 Cafe and Carry-Out offers a healthy fast food alternative with taste


What Katharine Carmichael began as a small gourmet takeout and catering business in 1997 has evolved into two booming Beaumont restaurants.

With the original restaurant, Katharine & Company, relocating to the Mildred Building in 2004, Carmichael saw a need in the West End, eventually answering customers’ wishes by opening K2 Cafe and Carry-Out in 2015 in the Westbrook Shopping Center.

“When I very first started, before I had the restaurant, almost in this same location, I had something similar to this – we had to-go food and did catering out of it,” Carmichael said. “Then we moved to the restaurant, and we saw a need. Customers wanted a location in the West End.”

This July, K2 Cafe and Carry-Out relocated to another Calder space, a move that the Beaumont native says was well thought out.

“We wanted to be by For Heaven’s Sake,” Carmichael said. “People can shop local. For Heaven’s Sake has any kind of gift or invitations people would want. This is where I always wanted to be. It’s bigger.”

Carmichael, who learned how to cook from her grandmother, didn’t envision herself owning a restaurant.

“It wasn’t a plan,” she said. “It just evolved. An opportunity came up, and I always liked to cook. I liked to entertain. I have a great staff. I owe a lot to them. I couldn’t do it without them.”

Sitting in K2 Cafe and Carry-Out with Christmas music playing in the background, surrounded by the restaurant’s warm green walls and clean black and white floors, the restaurant feels elegant yet cozy – the perfect place to get a cup of coffee and visit with a friend on the stylish blue couch in the back.

“We always try to make people feel welcome,” Carmichael said. “We want to nourish their soul a little bit as well as feed them. We wanted a place that was inviting and made someone comfortable to have a cup of tea or coffee and visit.”

It’s a versatile location, intentionally so, which appeals to the busy customers who need to grab and go and to the folks who want a place to stay for a while.

“We can package a dinner for you,” Carmichael said. “Some people come and get a box for every night. People can make orders. We can do special orders. They can make an order in advance.

“We also have kids come here to get snacks after school. We have really great coffee. People can have a West End coffee shop. There’s really not another one in this area. We have appetizers. We have a lot of desserts. All of our desserts are made from scratch.”

All items are prepared at the MLK restaurant location and are therefore subject to availability; however, some selections are distinct to the K2 restaurant.

“We have some other options here,” Carmichael said. “We have crab cakes, meatloaf cupcakes, chicken pot pies, quiche, pizzas, lasagna. We have a lot of options that we don’t have over there. We also sell our salad dressings.”

Carmichael said that the menu mostly stays the same with the exclusion of specials and the addition of seasonal items.

“A kind of tagline has always been since I had the first location is that we’re a healthy fast food alternative,” she said. “It’s about what’s fresh.”

Favorite dishes among customers include kale salad and the seasonal chicken pot pie.

Appetizers include crab cakes, lemon, herb and almond goat cheese, and maple bacon wrapped apricots. K2 also makes in-house quinoa granola.

For those with a sweet tooth, top-selling desserts include rosemary cookies, toffee bars, lemon brownies, and peanut butter sandwich cookies.

If you’re in need of a caffeine pick-up, try one of the specially made blends with medium to bold flavor locally roasted by Tea & Coffee America for Katharine & Co. Other drinks include the KatCo frappe with chocolate and caramel, or a cold brew, espresso, latte, cappuccino, hot tea, tropical passion tea, hibiscus iced tea, lemonade and an iced spiced chai.

K2 Cafe and Carry-Out are also planning to have a wine and beer license and hope to serve breakfast in the future.

Kara Timberlake is a freelance writer for Cat5

More Information

K2 Cafe and Carry-Out

Where: 4150 Calder Ave, Beaumont, TX 77706

Hours: 10:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday-Friday

Credit cards: All major

Drink situation: coffee, tea, lemonade


(409) 347-0030

Price range: $8-$12

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