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Hims Hair Review: Does This Stuff Actually Regrow Hair?

I only use minoxidil once daily, though you can apply it twice—morning and night. I like the drops as opposed to the foam that some brands sell, because the drops don’t compromise your clean hair or styling product. You drop them on with an eye-dropper, and massage them in quickly. They don’t burn or anything, and the standard bottle should last you a month or more.

The finasteride is a daily morning pill, which I take before applying minoxidil. (Just out of habit—it’s not like you have to do them together.) Again, I personally have had no sexual side effects from finasteride, but that’s not going to be the case for everyone. So, monitor your finasteride use closely.

And, perhaps most importantly, I have noticed far less hair fall and shedding this year. I’m 33, and to be able to say that I lose less hair now than I did at 28, 29, 30… I am pleased with the results.

One place you won’t regrow hair, however, is the hair line. Once it’s recessed, it’s pretty much gone for good. You can fight the recession, but you can’t restore what’s been lost. Instead, these remedies are restoring hair on the crown, because many of those dormant follicles are likely to produce hair, assuming it hasn’t been more than 1-3 years since they started napping.

The Shampoo: It’s no secret that I don’t love shampoo. I don’t use it a lot. It dries out the hair, by stripping away the healthy oils that keep it nourished. Yes, you want to rinse away excess grease as well as pollutants and grime, but you can do that with a conditioner, and a thorough rinse.

I have a friend whose plan for fighting hair loss was just to use Hims’ DHT-blocking shampoo. Let me tell you here and now, that that isn’t going to do anything for you. Nada. It’s not strong enough nor is it attacking the problem from the inside; it’s merely rinsing away grime at the surface, which most shampoos will do effectively. Yes, DHT can gather at the base of our hair shafts, but you need to fight it with finasteride in order to make a change, or strengthen the hair with minoxidil in the first place to fortify it against future thinning. Shampoo isn’t your hair loss strategy. It’s a nice bonus pack, if anything.

I do keep this shampoo in my shower for the few occasions when I do wash my hair, which is a couple times per month. If I have the option, yeah, I’ll pick a DHT-fighting shampoo. And I’m weirdly amused by this one’s alien-blue color. But again, it plays no role in my big-picture strategy, nor should it yours.

Hims also carries a DHT-blocking conditioner, which I would certainly recommend in place of the shampoo. Use it daily, enjoy its moisturizing, softening benefits, which only improve your hair’s quality in addition to proactively fighting DHT, even if it’s in trace amounts.

Hims DHT-blocking conditioner

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One other non-Hims product I would recommend, however, is Foligain’s trioxidil conditioner for thinning hair. It has all the nourishing powers of conditioner, won’t parch your hair, and pumps in a little trioxidil (a fancy hair-strengthening formula that includes minoxidil). Use it daily, and you’ll take a more proactive charge against hair loss than the DHT-blocking shampoos can give you.

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Foligain conditioner for thinning hair

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The Biotin Gummies: Well, I certainly enjoyed eating one of these each morning. It’s a funny thing to look forward to, along with the morning cup of coffee. However, I think biotin supplements are only necessary if you’re trying to expedite length, and not improve overall hair strength and quality. So, perhaps in the first few months of your treatment, you want to accelerate the baby hairs that are newly regrowing. Otherwise, these delicious gummies, like any other biotin supplement, are a bit frivolous. Instead, take a daily multivitamin that adds all kinds of nourishment back into the bloodstream, not just one that’s going to make your hair grow slightly faster.

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