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Healthy twists on your family’s favourite foods

When it comes to feeding a family, it can feel like a constant struggle to find food that’s fast, easy, affordable, kid-friendly…and healthy. But cookbook author Greta Podleski says that with a few easy swaps, you can achieve this holy grail of family dinners!

Greta is a huge believer in healthy eating and likes to encourage people to meal plan and get back into the kitchen cooking, because when you’re cooking from scratch, you control the ingredients. She’s teamed up with WW—the new Weight Watchers—to find healthier ways to prepare some of our favourite foods so you can focus on healthy eating without giving up the foods you love.

Check out some of her recipes from her cookbook Yum and Yummer by clicking the photos below.

Lentil and Mushroom Pasta Sauce

Chicken pot pie chowder with whole wheat pumpkin biscuits

Butter chicken naan pizza

Blended burger

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