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Healthy snacks for kids: Best food packs that you should go for

Keeping your kids happy with delicious snacks is quite easy. The only concern of parents behind it is that not all snacks are good for the health of your kids. If you are a parent, looking for healthy snacks for kids is a constant struggle.

We have something interesting to help you out. Here is a list of the best food packs that you can buy for your kids and make sure that they enjoy healthy snacks whenever they are hungry:-

  • Cipla ActivKids Immuno Boosters- 4-6 years

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Improve the immunity of your kids in a tasty way with Cipla Immunity Boosters. It combines essential Vitamins, Zinc and Iron in the right proportion that your kids need during their growing and active years. It is in the form of chocolate bites so your kids will love having it every day. It is also available for kids of other age groups, just the proportion and quantities of these essential nutrients vary.

  • Timios Multigrain Munchies

Timios Munchies

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These multigrain snacks are healthy and tasty ensuring that your kids do not run for the unhealthy munching options. They are a good source of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins and fibres that will keep your kids healthy. They are made with the goodness of honey, spinach, cheese, tomatoes, bananas and lime and are available in different shapes and flavours. Though they are definitely not a substitute for regular meals, they are a good option for a meal between the meals and will give your kids the right balance of energy and nutrition.

  • Slurrp Farm Instant Breakfast Millet Pancake Mix

Slurrp Farm Instant Breakfast Millet Pancake Mix

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This is not just a breakfast option but can also be enjoyed during the evening snack time when your kid is hungry in between the meals. The powder is made with the goodness ragi and millet which is a healthy and nutritious choice for your kids as compared to the unhealthy options. Mix the ingredients well, prepare a batter, enjoy preparing pancakes in no time. The mixture already has cocoa essentials in it. Therefore, these pancakes can be eaten just like that or served with some delicious sugary syrup as your kid likes.

  • Early Foods Kids Organic Jaggery Dry Fruit Cookies Snack

Early Foods Kids Organic Jaggery Dry Fruit Cookies Snack

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These cookies have been baked keeping the nutritional needs of your kids in mind. They are primarily made of whole wheat flour, butter, dry fruits, jaggery, milk and other nutritional food items. Since it has jaggery, it has no additional elements of sugar and can even be enjoyed by fitness freak adults. They are delicious with a buttery flavour and your kid will love to munch on them for every snack.

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