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Healthy Morrisons Food: 26 Foods a Nutritionist Would Buy for £30

Jenna Hope

You’ve booked your flights to sunnier climates, RSVP’d to the 15 weddings on the horizon and agreed to a glitter-fuelled day festival with your mates.

Summer is fun: but it’s also a strain on your cash flow. So getting dosed up on balanced food that you can buy at supermarkets at a bargain price is more important than ever. You’ve seen what healthy eats to buy at Tesco and Asda. Next in the driver’s seat? Healthy Morrisons food.

To fill you in on exactly what to buy at the shop, WH sent resident nutritionist Jenna Hope (@jennahopenutrition) on a mission – to make the most of a £30 budget at her local outlet.

Here’s what she found.

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– Cucumber
– Broccoli
– Fennel
– Salad peppers
– Spinach
– Wonky carrots
– Tomatoes
– Olives in brine (technically a fruit, but let us live)

Total: £6.73

‘Coming into summer, I’d opt for mostly seasonal salad vegetables.

These are higher in water to keep you hydrated throughout hotter months, plus you’ll stay hydrated thanks to the range of phyto nutrients you get from eating different coloured veg – think yellow peppers, orange carrots and red tomatoes.

It’s important to eat a rainbow as the colours in the vegetables highlight different plant chemicals which help to support gut health, as well as their individual benefits.’

‘I’m a big fan of the wonky range in Morrisons. They’ve taken all the ‘imperfect’ produce and priced it more affordably in a bid to reduce food waste and promote healthier eating at a lower price.’




– Wonky strawberries
– Little kitchen apples

Total: £2.00

‘Strawberries are a great source of vitamin C to help support your immune function, and apples are a source of prebiotics, which help to feed the good bacteria in the gut. They’re perfect snacks.’




– Green split peas
– Chickpeas
– Kidney beans
– Garden peas
– Glorious! Goan tomato and lentil soup

Total: £3.16

‘Fun fact: pulses are a really cheap way to add more prebiotic foods into your diet. They’re also high in folate which is a B Vitamin ad is particularly important for pregnancy or fertility, as it helps to create red blood cells and prevents spinal cord defects in babies.’

‘Plus, they contain notable iron levels, a nutrient which is vital for oxygen transport and energy maintenance, alongside zinc, which plays a role in cell development, immune function and wound healing. All rounders!’




– Salmon pâté
– Mackerel strips

Total: £2.80

‘Eating salmon pâté is a great way to incorporate more omega-3 and vitamin D into your diet – for a fraction of the price of a fillet of salmon – both of which are vital for brain health and bone function.’

‘Trying mackerel strips is another way to incorporate more oily fish into your meals, plus, it’s a great source of B12 and selenium, which is important for thyroid function.’




– Morrisons own high protein wholemeal bread

Total: 85p

‘What’s great about this wholemeal bread is its protein content. The bakers have added pea protein in the baking process, making it 4.9g of protein per slice, which means your morning PB on toast will keep you fuelled for that little bit longer.’




– Morrisons own brand monkey nuts

Total: 81p

‘Nuts are rich in protein and so help keep you fuller for longer, and these are a great bargain at just under a pound. They’re also high in B-vitamins, essential for energy production, and vitamin E, to maintain the skin cell structure.’




– Mini chicken fillets

Total: £2.10

‘As touched on above, protein is great for satiating hunger and promoting muscle repair. Opt for these handy mini filets – they’re perfect for adding to salads and stir frys.’



Vegetarian protein

– Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages
– Gosh cauliflower bites
– Greek yoghurt

Total: £4.00

‘These sausages are made from soya, which is a rich source of plant protein. One serving of McCartney sausages contains 16.4g of protein, which has been found to help keep you fuller for longer.’

‘As for the cauliflower and chickpea bites, they may not be as high in protein, but they’re packed with a tonne of spices to support your immune function, loaded with 6.4g fibre per serving , and offer prebiotic functions for healthy gut bacteria.’

‘Believe it or not, plain Greek yoghurt is a great way of getting additional protein in your diet if you don’t eat meat. Try it for a healthy breakfast, topped with berries and nut butter, or as a cooling contrast atop a curry for dinner.’



Store cupboard essentials

– Quaker oats muesli
– Hemp seed milk

Total: £3.92

‘It’s worth watching out for extra added sugars in mueslis and granolas, however this option from Morrisons has none of the added sweet stuff and is considerably lower in sugar than other cereal options on offer. Plus, oats are a source of beta-glucans, which have been found to help lower cholesterol.’

‘Nut milk is all the rage but this is rather different to your usual almond milk. Hemp seed milk is a great source of omega-3, which is vital for brain function, and further a great alternative for individuals with a nut allergy.’




– Chocologic buttons

Total: £2.00

‘With 90% less sugar than other dark chocolates on the market, these are a great sweet treat that won’t spike your blood sugar levels. They have no added sugar and are a great source of magnesium, vital for muscle contraction and nerve function.’

‘Its also a great source of polyphenols which play a role in heart health.’



Total shop comes to:

Price: £28.94

Well, 26 items of shopping for just under £29 really isn’t bad – especially when Hope reckons all trolley components are nutrient-packed and could feed you for breakfasts, lunches and dinners for a week.

She suggests enjoying porridge and toast for breakfast, and mixing the veggies with legumes and a protein source for tasty salads, adding the monkey nuts for added crunch, for lunch and dinner.

Sound good? Get shopping – in store or online at Or if Morrisons isn’t your nearest supermarket, read what a nutritionist would choose from Asda, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Lidl, Tesco and M&S, too.

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