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Healthy food eatery Flower Child now open in The Woodlands


Flower Child, a fast-casual health food concept from Arizona-based Fox Restaurant Concepts, opened Wednesday, March 6, in the Lake Woodlands Crossing shopping center.

The seasonally-focused vegan- and vegetarian-friendly menu offers something for everyone, with scratch-made bowls, wraps and salads on tap.

Diners can feast on many options, including a Vietnamese Crunch salad of cabbage and romaine topped with quinoa, cashews, thai basil, cilantro, mint and drizzled with lemongrass vinaigrette; smashed gold potatoes with roasted garlic and thyme; or a Madras yellow curry bowl with carrots, green beans, broccoli, potatoes, cilantro and brown rice.

Manager Justin Lofton said the options, however, are endless and the variety of the Mediterranean and pan-Asian a-la-carte menu focuses on the everyday customer and is designed to pique curiosity in repeat diners.

“It’s made for just about anyone to come in and dine with us,” Lofton said.

The restaurant opened its first Houston-area location in Uptown Park in September, where its organic and responsibly-sourced menu aimed to cater to a health-conscious and active clientele — so a move to The Woodlands was the natural next step in the company’s expansion, Lofton added.

“We followed a need for something that was fresh and different and wholesome,” Lofton said.

The location is the second in the Houston area, preceded by its original location in Uptown Park, and the 23rd location in 10 states across the country. The chain opened its first restaurant in Phoenix in 2014.

Even after less than week of being open, Flower Child is making a splash in The Woodlands — more than 100 customer lined the sidewalk outside the restaurant at the grand opening and the line was out the door at lunchtime Monday, Lofton said.

“From the time you sit down to the time you leave, the whole experience is going to be great,” Lofton said.

More Information

The newest location of Flower Child is open at 1900 Lake Woodlands Dr. Ste. 100 and is open Monday through every day from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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