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‘Healthy food doesn’t necessarily mean you compromise on taste’

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BENGALURU: When you hear healthy food, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? Some green mushy stuff on the plate that may not taste good? Well, that’s a thing in the past now. You can eat healthy and not compromise on taste. From a home chef to a celebrity one, Amrita Raichand has done it all, thanks to the cooking show Mummy Ka Magic.  Raichand was one of the chefs who have created innovative recipes using Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly as part of its latest digital campaign.

“I owe my entire career to Mummy Ka Magic. I give the entire credit to the show,” she says. Though thankful for the success of it, Raichand admits that shooting for the show was not always easy. “You know, cooking is something you do at the comfort of your own kitchen. You have your hair tied up, ordinary clothes, you don’t try to look glamorous and suave. The first few days were a little tough. Then I decided that I had to forget the cameras were rolling,” she recalls.

Raichand’s love for cooking seems to have caught on with her other family members too, with her son often helping her with tastings. “But they are also my biggest critics,” admits the chef, adding, “They will not tell me politely that something tastes bad. They say it directly on my face if something tastes horrible. They are not kind at all about that. They don’t care about the effort I put.”

Like any chef, Raichand too finds creating new recipes challenging, more so because she aims for them to be healthy. “Even during the Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly digital campaign, I had to make something healthy. There were fun confectionary and jelly involved, to which I added oats and peanut butter. I always add healthy alternatives and 99 per cent of the times, it works,” she explains. 

Besides being appealing to the taste buds, the food needs to appeal to your senses too, she says. This is easily visible in the dishes prepared by Raichand, thanks to the attention she pays to the presentation of the dish. “I make the food look so lovely, that the attention goes away from what it is made of. My son likes cookies. He thinks it is unhealthy, but it is made of oats and almond flour. I don’t even make pancakes with maida. I use buckwheat flour. I make savoury pancakes with zucchini, and he doesn’t know that he is eating zucchini,” she says. 

About her future plans, Raichand says a cookbook is on the cards. “I will also launch my website in a couple of months. The website will give information about everything I am up to, all the interesting food I am cooking,” she adds.

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