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Frizz-fighting hair products that promise to smooth things out this summer

If you’re like me, and you’ve been mostly staying home these past few months, then even when we’re just going to the grocery store, we’re gonna make it glam! However, summer often has different plans for our hair. Depending on your hair type, after a run-in with heat and humidity, you probably find your hair can get poufy, frizzy, flatter, or some combo of the three. All that extra moisture in the air has to go somewhere and our hair is an easy target. 

It may seem counterintuitive, but part of the action plan to counter the effect of humid days is keeping our hair hydrated, so it won’t be grasping for moisture the minute we step outside. What we’re looking for are products that have hydrating properties plus ingredients to help guard against heat, humidity and other environmental factors. Those products can come in many forms…here are my favourites!

If you’re looking for the dual benefit of an anti-frizz and heat styling protection, this spray ranks as one of the best. Add a few pumps to damp hair and comb through. You’ll find that it nicely detangles your hair. After heat styling, you’ll love the smooth, shiny results. Based on reviews it seems to work best on straight to moderately curly hair. For even better results, try it with the smooth in motion conditioner.

KERASTASE Discipline Anti Frizz Spray, $57, Sephora

Here’s one for the natural hair curlista who dreams of defined, frizz-free, wash-and-go curls. Curly hair, especially tighter coils, needs more hydration than other hair types. Thanks to ingredients like aloe vera juice, grapeseed oil, jojoba and avocado oil, this gel provides just that. We’d describe the consistency as oily for a gel, a bit of custard texture. It’s alcohol-free, and even though it gives great hold and definition, it won’t leave your hair crunchy. You can also use the gel for frizz-free twist outs and braid outs.

8 Oil Hair Gelly, $18.99, Up North Naturals

Sometimes you need a product that aims to repair dry or damaged hair to prevent frizz. That’s where a good conditioning mask comes in. This mask is the latest offering from Bb’s hairdressers’ collection. It has the same award winning signature oil blend as the other bestsellers in this line, plus moringa oil and pomegranate seed extract. You can use this mask once a week after shampooing. Before rinsing, feel free to comb through for better distribution. 

Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Mask, $18, Bumble and Bumble

For protecting a sleek, summer blowout, you can’t go wrong with this hairstylist fave — it’s not uncommon to see this hairspray on film sets during outside shoots! This spray not only creates a barrier between your hair and humidity, it also offers great heat and UV protection for your hair. Spray directly onto dry hair after styling, or onto a paddle brush for a more even distribution. It’s safe to use on colour- or keratin-treated hair. Like all Oribe’s products, the spray smells so divine.

ORIBE Imperméable Anti-Humid Spray, $52, Nordstrom

I know the word gel might be a bit scary to you especially if you have thick curly hair. But please believe this is unlike any gels you’ve tried before. It’s actually more like a serum in texture, and rest assured it’s not sticky and won’t leave a white residue. It smooths and defines curls, getting rid of the fraying and puffing, and gives you a natural, flexible hold. It even has UV protection. Most people use it on damp hair, but you can also put lesser amounts on after styling, for any problem areas. 

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel, $36, Chatters

Less hair manipulation and friction equals less chances of frizz. You cut down your drying time significantly with this super absorbent, super soft towel, which reduces the amount of rub or friction that your hair would undergo with a regular towel. It’s great for all hair types but particularly curly hair because it sucks up wetness without messing with your curl pattern.

DevaCurl DEVATOWEL Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel, $22.99, Hudson’s Bay

So many of us are trying to go heat-free this summer, for the health of our hair, but also because who wants to bother with blow drying in these times! If air drying is your go-to, this product will be your secret weapon, and the action happens in the shower. Rub in the cream and rinse it lightly. Do a quick towel dry for the wet ends, followed by a loving scrunch, and you’re done! Instead of crunchy frizzy strands, when your hair fully dries you’ll have soft, shiny naturally textured waves. The humidity shield is a great partner product for this cream.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day In Shower Styler, $32.28, Amazon

As mentioned earlier, dry hair is more prone to frizzing. This product fights that dryness thanks to hydrating coconut milk, mango seed butter and guava oil, which also add a healthy shine. This spray is for all hair types, but it does work best on relaxed or textured hair that can handle a bit more oil. Still, because it distributes the oil in a mist, you can apply it lightly. It helps to stamp out frizz and static especially on those pesky flyways near your part or hair line in general. Spray onto hands so you have more control when applying. Did I mention it smells like the beach… I miss the beach.

Maui Moisture Weightless Coconut Milk Spray for Dry Hair, $12.26,

Nneka Elliott is a lifestyle blogger and actor. She shares her adventures with hair, skincare and makeup in her pursuit of a gutsy life. Follow her @nnekaelliott.

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