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First Coast Foodies: Kathy's Table offers flavorful 'high-end' healthy food that won't break the bank

If you’re looking for portion control, but you want to eat something that is bold, flavorful and tastes gourmet, then head over to Kathy’s Table.

Located at 7035 Philips Highway Suite 3 in Jacksonville and 1010B 3rd St. N. in Jacksonville Beach, Kathy’s Table is a meal prep company and restaurant that serves gluten-free and dairy-free foods.

“[Kathy’s Table” is a dedicated gluten and dairy-free facility,” the owner, Kathy Godwin, said. “We are very strict about that. All of our products go through strict guidelines.”

You have five different meal plan options that includes breakfast items, lunch or dinner, juices and snacks. These foods are also available for those who are vegetarian, vegan, paleo and pescatarian, as well.


Kathy’s Table got its start from Godwin’s personal background and experiences.

In the fourth grade in 1994, Godwin was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory response in the digestive system, she said. It caused her to be very aware of what she ate.

“I had to eat certain things that would make me feel better and not sick,” she said.

When she got older, she became a certified personal trainer. She taught several classes and used her nutritional background to help folks with their fitness goals.

In 2010, Godwin decided to start a food blog called on WordPress.

“I guided them on what to eat, what not to eat, what to stay away from in the grocery store,” she said. “That’s when I started getting the requests, ‘Well could you just cook for me?,'” she laughed.

Godwin transformed her website in 2013. She started selling food online and hand-delivered them to her customers.

“I think the Crohn’s and the nutrition and the fitness was what I was meant to do,” Godwin said.

She ended up receiving great feedback and success that she decided to open up the first Kathy’s Table location on Philips Highway. Godwin recently opened up a second location in Jacksonville Beach early last year.

The Taste:

The best thing about Kathy’s Table — aside from the fact that the food is varied and affordable for a meal plan — is that you’re eating healthy without sacrificing flavor. In fact, the food tastes gourmet!

Godwin said that’s because they hired Roger “Chef” Regulacion more than seven months ago. Chef has a fine dining background. He created the entire menu for HobNob as the executive chef, as well as the menu for Roy’s Restaurant when it first opened in Jacksonville Beach.

Since his hire, Chef has used his culinary background to the fullest, adding bold and different flavors in new dishes, as well as upgrading old favorites.

Watch him prepare their popular Pecan Salmon and Crab Cake dishes:

How It Works:

Kathy’s Table offers five-different meal plans, depending on your weight and fitness goals:

  • Skinny: To lose weight, 275 to 375 calories, 3 oz. of lean protein, 2 oz. of carbs
  • Healthy: To maintain weight, 375 to 475 calories, 4 oz. of lean protein, 2.5 oz. of carbs
  • Paleo: 325 to 425, 5 oz. of lean protein, no grains
  • Arnold: To gain muscle, 550 to 625 calories, 6 oz. of lean protein, 3 oz. of carbs
  • Super Arnold: To bulk up, 650 to 800 calories, 8 to 10 oz. of lean protein, 6 oz. of carbs

Within each plan, you’ll be given the option to choose whether or not you want five to 25 meals a week. You then get to choose what type of meal you’d like: breakfast, lunch/dinner, juices, protein bars and desserts.

Each menu rotates every two weeks, but you will get a new week’s worth of food every Monday. You can either pick your food up in store or have it delivered to your door.

You select the foods you want per menu every other Thursday.

If you’re not sure what meal plan to get, you can also order online a la carte or shop in the store.

Each meal averages about $7 to $13 depending on the plan. Family meals that feed a family of four range between $24 to $30.

Popular Dishes: “It’s really hard to say what’s most popular because we change it all of the time and we’re always coming up with new ideas too, stuff we’ve never done before.”

(For those who do love the Vegan Mac and Cheese, Kathy’s Table will now carry it daily in store!)

Melissa is a digital content producer for First Coast News and First Coast Foodies. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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