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Find that fat to become fighting fit

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He left the sea as he found the shore he had his eyes on. Years of navigating navy ships had taught him a thing or two about redirecting his internal compass too.

Former sailor, Anwar Wahhab, found his anchor in the healthcare industry as strength coach after working as a Merchant Navy officer for seven years.

In the last two decades, he has gained quite the reputation as a fitness front runner, but the thing that has added weight to his credentials is him being one of the very few Metabolic Analytics practitioners in India. 

Based on a series of examinations, his advanced body fat testing method called Biosignature Modulation can tell you how you will age.

This is determined by why someone is holding on to fat and identify the hormonal or metabolic deficiencies based on the distribution of body fat across 14 locations on the human body. 

“We use the skin fold analysis, a process of taking measurements of subcutaneous fat, post which a specific protocol for nutrition and supplementation is applied to correct the same.

Re-testing at periodic intervals is done to monitor progress. The five elements analysed are the function of insulin, stress-recovery-adrenals, estrogen, androgen, and gut,” says Wahhab, 42, who is a protege of Charles Poliquin, the developer of this method. 

Now why someone could be carrying fat is a no brainer. It’s those same set of conditions medical practitioners have been pointing out as the trouble makers for aeons.

They are lack of sound sleep, increasing stress, negligent lifestyle wherein overindulgence in matters of alcohol and food is routine, imprudent exercise, improper intake of water, among other things. 

The reason why this happens is different for every individual. No two bodies are the same which is why a personalised examination such as this looks at tailor-made intervention.

It tells you why you aren’t gaining muscle tissue despite trying hard enough, or what’s hindering your adrenal pathways, why your sex drive is not optimum, or the reason behind your inability to get sleep.

Even though the Indian health sector is still warming up to the idea of Metabolic Analytics, it has been hugely successful with several NFL, NHL, MLB and Olympic Athletes to help them get into shape. To name a few, there is long-jump gold medallist Dwight Phillips, Ice hockey defenceman Chris Pronger, MLB batting champion Edgar Martinez, and the first women’s wrestling US Olympic gold medallist Helen Maroulis. 

Back home, Wahhab is still creating models of educating people about its merits. “Working with this procedure has taught me a couple of things that I tell everybody who comes to me for advice. These include adding organic butter to your food as it will make you lean. How? Butter has butyric acid and selenium that helps detoxify your body and aids in the absorption of vegetable vitamins and minerals. The other thing is L-carnitine and fish oil mixture in the ratio 1:4 to assist individuals to enhance cholesterol concentration.”

He did his Masters from South Glamorgan College, Cardiff, UK. A retro rock music enthusiast, he enjoys public speaking. But his sole objective since the last few years has been to extend Metabolic Analytics from pro athletes and celebrity to the common man. 

Program details

This is a 12-week program with an assessment every two weeks. It’s Rs 3,000 per assessment. After the assessment, the training and supplement plan is chalked out. By appointment only.

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