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Eating Healthy: Top Food Delivery Options

When it comes to ordering in, it’s all too easy to go the fast-food route and avoid healthy options. When there are options such as pizza, burgers, wings and other quick, food craving satisfying choices out there, it’s hard to decide a salad is the right choice for you.

However, maintaining a healthy diet while ordering in is an option, and it’s a lot easier to do than you would think. Sure, there are a lot of healthy options out there that are more expensive than the unhealthy alternatives, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ever order these options. And remember that there are also plenty of ways to order healthy while remaining budget-conscious!

In addition, there are ways to still get the food items that you want without the high-calorie counts you’ve been avoiding.

So don’t worry about dinner tonight, because these six, healthy choices in food delivery are going to ensure that your diet is safe and your stomach is satisfied, no kitchen-time required!

So sit back and get your wallet ready, because you’re going to be ready to place your order in no time!

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1. Sandwiches

Ordering a quick sandwich is a pretty easy decision when ordering lunch delivery at the office, but it’s not always the healthiest choice. When thinking about bread and all the carbs that are out there, sandwiches aren’t the first thing you jump to when you think “healthy eating.”

But before you say goodbye to the local Jimmy Johns and Subway, remember that there are healthier options out there for you, and you’ll still be able to satisfy that sandwich kick you’ve been on!

When ordering a sandwich rather than getting that traditional, white bread, think about healthier alternatives, such as wheat, that won’t significantly change the taste, but will significantly change the number of unhealthy items you’re putting into your body.

And if you’re looking to avoid bread altogether, as many individuals typically are when trying to remain health-conscious, there are options out there for that as well, such as the unwich. The unwich is simply a sandwich wrapped in lettuce rather than built on bread. So you can still enjoy the same taste that you love, but you’ll be doing so with far less fattening products.

There are also options at many sandwich shops to choose “light” options, such as removing fattening mayo or mustard, or removing the cheese for additional calorie loss. Really, if it’s a sandwich that you’re craving, there are ways to bypass the fatiness and get down to the items you want.

2. Soups

When ordering takeout, it’s still possible to order that warm soup without completely giving up on your diet. When ordering from places like Panera, avoid ordering the bread bowl and just get a bowl of soup that falls within the calorie count you’re comfortable with.

In addition, you can always order a half order of soup as well as a half sandwich or salad, ensuring you’ll still be full while eating healthier alternatives.

As a side note, remember that ordering soup isn’t always healthy, so be sure to take a look at the ingredients and calorie counts on the soup you’re choosing. For instance, creamier soups typically include heavy creams and cheese that make them more fattening than other options on the menu. When in doubt, choose broth-based soups that include vegetables and fewer starches to ensure you’re making the healthiest decision.

Also keep in mind that soup is an item that is available on most menus, even if it’s not the first thing you think they may offer.

For instance, there are many individuals that will go out and order Chinese food, but this is one of the most fattening orders you can place. That being said, there are healthier options when ordering Chinese, such as ordering a soup as your entre rather than fried chicken. These soups are typically better for you and are actually filling, so you’ll be able to enjoy a filling meal without feeling nearly as bad about it.

You don’t have to go to the local Panera for soup options; just take a look at the menu of some of your favorite places and see what their soup offerings are. You may be surprised at how little you actually knew the menu!

Take a look at the menu at the delivery location to pick out one of the healthy soups that you’ll enjoy and you’ll have no problem sticking to your diet and you won’t feel like you’re missing out in doing so.

3. Salads

Yes, everyone tells you to order a salad when you’re looking to order healthier options. That being said, not all salads are healthy, and not all salads are boring, either. So before you get down on yourself and commit to a sad salad, remember that there are ways to make the most boring salad one that you actually will enjoy.

If you order a Caesar salad every time you go out, you’ll find you aren’t going to lose any weight and you aren’t actually eating all that healthily, as the Caesar dressing isn’t much better for you than any of the fatty foods you’re opting out of.

Again, this is not the case when it comes to all foods. In fact, there are many places in which salads are a great option and you’ll actually enjoy them! You just have to know what you like and be sure to choose healthy items to put on your salad.

For one, make sure you load up your salad with the veggies that you love, as this ensures you’ll be more full while also getting all of the healthy foods involved in one entree. In addition, don’t overdo it on a fattening dressing. Stick to vinaigrettes and other, light and healthy salad dressing options rather than reaching for the ranch or Caesar dressings. Finally, choose a protein to add some bulk to your salad, i.e. a lean meat or chicken. This will ensure you’re more full without overdoing the calories.

Finally, avoid adding items such as cheese or croutons. Yes, they make your salad taste better, but no, they are not healthy options and can actually end up defeating the purpose of the salad in the first place.

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4. Sushi

There are plenty of people out there that can’t get enough sushi. If you’re one of them, there’s good news for you: certain sushi options can be healthy!

That being said, do not expect to pick out your favorite sushi roll and assume you’re eating healthy, because odds are, you aren’t. (For all of you that love those cream-cheese filled sushis, or that enjoy fried sushi, your choices aren’t healthy and you’ll have to diversify your choices a bit).

Basically, sushi can be just as fattening as it is healthy, so you have to ensure you’re eating the right types of sushi and that you aren’t overdoing it, as rice can end up making you gain weight rather than helping you lose it.

Basically, avoid any sushi rolls that have dressings, cream cheese fillings or any additional sauces that can be adding fattening components. In addition, remember that not all seafood is good for you, so avoid purchasing fattening foods and stick to fish that you know is good for your diet.

In addition, don’t order sushi every time you order in. While it’s a good thing every once in a while, too much sushi is not healthy due to the rice, and overdoing it isn’t as healthy as one might think it should be.

Finally, don’t overdo it on the soy sauce. This sauce is full of sodium, which isn’t great for you in large quantities (or really, at all). If you can eat the sushi roll without using the sauce, this is your best bet at sticking to a healthy diet.

5. Burrito Bowl

Finally, when trying to order delivery and eat healthily, remember that there are options available to you that are healthier than you would think. For instance, perhaps you’ve been craving a burrito and can’t wait to eat one.

This isn’t necessarily a diet death-sentence. Instead, you can order a healthy alternative to the food you’ve been craving for so long.

If you’re craving a burrito, get a burrito bowl! This skips the more fattening, flour-based wrap and allows you to still enjoy the meat and toppings that you want without the guilt. Again, this option isn’t the healthiest, but it’s healthier than the alternative.

We all get cravings, and sometimes, it’s too difficult not to give into them. So rather than trying to hold yourself accountable and binge-eating the fattening foods later, reward yourself, within reason, with delivery options that are healthier, but still satisfy that craving.

Again, a burrito bowl isn’t going to help you lose that last five pounds you’ve been dying to get rid of, but it will prevent you from binge-eating burritos for a week.

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6. Miscellaneous Options

Last, but certainly not least, remember that some of your favorite fast food chains have healthy options available to you that you may now even know about.

For example, McDonald’s has items such as salad and filet-o-fish that have some of the lowest calorie counts on the menu while still giving you that fast food taste. In addition, Wendy’s has items available such as baked potatoes, which is low in calories and extremely filling, saving you both calories and money. Wendy’s also has half salad options for fewer calories, so if you just need a quick, small meal, this is the best way to ensure portion control.

Other fast food chains have similar options available, and while they aren’t prominent on the menu, they are there for you to take advantage of. And, as is the case with most fast food locations, they are more affordable than you would think.

Also, don’t forget about Subway when it comes to making healthier choices in your food delivery services. Subway has some of the most healthy fast food options out there, from the bread choices down to the content of the sandwiches themselves.

You don’t have to drive down to the nearest restaurant for a salad you’re going to love, and you certainly don’t need to call up your local Panera for the only healthy options available to you. Remember that there are healthy options just about everywhere, it just takes a little research and a willingness to try something new.

Remember, fast food doesn’t necessarily mean grease and fat, as there are options on those menus that you’ll want to take advantage of that are far healthier than you thought them capable of.

Again, when it comes to food delivery, the healthy choices aren’t always the ones you want to go for first. It’s easy to crave greasy options or to simply choose an unhealthy option because it’s a bit more convenient and less expensive.

That being said, just because you’re ordering in doesn’t mean your diet has to go down the drain. Eating healthy is hard enough when having to choose salads over pizza when ordering out. So don’t make it any harder than it has to be!

Educate yourself on the options available to you. These healthy choices are generic and based off chains available to most people, but remember that there are other options as well. Do some research on your area and choose locations that deliver and that offer healthy options. There are going to be mom and pop shops you’ve never heard of that offer healthy options you didn’t even know were available to you.

These ten healthy choices are a great starting point when it comes to eating better, but they are not the end-all-be-all of your choices. Start here and keep moving forward until you find the healthy options that you love!

Again, be sure to use these six healthy choices in food delivery as a starting point to ensure you stick to your diet and still enjoy your meal!

Happy ordering!

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