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Eat, to remain healthy! Hassle free food items you can have on the go throughout the day

Meetings, appointments, workout schedules, parties, errands and so many other important things rule our lives. So much so that, many times, we forget to do one of the most important things that keeps us alive – eat! 


How many of us at the end of the day have realised that we hadn’t eaten all day and only realised it when our stomach starts to growl? No need to cover your faces, we understand. We have all been there and done that. Not eating healthy food at regular intervals can lead to massive health issues. And rather than picking up and stuffing your face with whatever junk is lying around, we went on a mission to find some healthy food that you can have on the go! So, when next time you are in the cab on the way to the meeting or even have a two-minute break, pop one of these food items into your mouth. 

You will observe that your mood will instantly improve, your work pace will increase and you will manage to remain at the peak of your health without compromising on anything else!


Dry fruits



Rich in vitamins B12 and E, munching on almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts, etc. not only keeps your stomach full for long periods but also helps in relieving stress. Pack a tiny box with dry fruits and munch on them throughout the day. It will boost your immunity and keep you full at the same time. 



Peanut butter sandwiches


There is a myth that peanut butter is unhealthy. But it actually is filled with proteins, fibres, potassium, antioxidants, vitamins, magnesium and multiple other healthy nutrients and vitamins. Bread is one of the most filling items available. Making a sandwich barely takes two minutes, so you won’t be wasting too much time. Unlike regular cheese and butter sandwiches, this has lesser calories. And unlike burgers and pizzas, this is not messy and can be had on the go!



Boiled eggs


This snack can be considered a powerhouse of nutrients. With a hearty dose of vitamin D, they are easy to consume on a daily basis. Once you boil and pack them, just remember to peel the egg before you consume! 



Granola/protein bars


Nutritious, healthy and full of proteins, granola bars are the only packaged food item we can vouch for. They are easy to carry and most of them even taste delicious! 





Another one of the easiest things to munch on, fruits are also healthy and diverse. Bored of apples? Switch to bananas, oranges, pears, guavas and more! They can be carried in your bag, in a tiny box or in your hand!





Packed with antioxidants, berries are one of the most delicious and simple to have on the go. Their high-fibre content makes them a great source of nutrients which is excellent for the digestive system. They also help to keep our memory sharp and cranberries, strawberries and raspberries also have cancer-fighting properties. Carry them in a ziplock pouch or a small jar, and snack on them all day to keep your stomach from growling and your system healthy. 



Kale chips


Keep those bhujiyas and lays aside and opt for the healthier option. Kale chips are cheesy, salty and crispy, but still remain a lighter option for the stomach. The oil content in them is less and it makes for the perfect vegan standby. 



Roasted chickpea


You can easily make your own roasted chickpeas or buy them at any convenience store. Hassle-free to carry and extremely healthy, this snack can be popped into your mouth as and when you are hungry. The cherry on top? They have very few calories!



We can’t wait to try out these healthy options and maybe even lose some pounds while snacking. What other foods are easy to have on the go? Let us know in the comment section below!

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