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Dominic Brunt would love hair pill to grow back thick tresses


Dominic Brunt wishes there was a pill he could take to grow a mane of “thick, curly, Italian hair”.

Dominic Brunt

Dominic Brunt

The bald-headed ‘Emmerdale’ actor used to have his hair sprayed on by the soap’s make-up department when he started losing some of his locks, but he ended up chopping the rest of his tresses off completely because there was “no dignity” in having his mop artificially added every day.

Dominic – who plays vet Paddy Kirk on the ITV soap – “I’ve been there 22 years.

“I keep seeing scenes where I know it’s me, I can see it’s me and I can see me talking but I have absolutely no memory of it whatsoever. It’s very strange.

“It’s gone as quickly as my hair dropped out. I started losing my hair a little bit at the back so they used this spray but after two years I said, ‘Please, please, please can I cut my hair off?’

“Because there’s no dignity in spraying your hair on every morning.

“If they invented a pill that gave you your hair back, I would like thick, curly, Italian hair and I would grow it up and out. I would have it as big as I possibly could. But it’s not happening.”

But ‘Emmerdale’ fans could soon see Dominic wearing a wig on the soap if his and Mark Charnock’s idea for a Halloween zombie special comes to fruition.

The 48-year-old actor – who co-owns production company Mitchell-Brunt Films with his wife Joanne Mitchell, and previously starred in and directed horror flick ‘Before Dawn’ – is keen to make a late-night zombie special with his Dales co-stars.

Speaking on ‘Lorraine’, he added: “About every two or three years we make a horror film. We’re very fortunate because we made one and as long as they make their investment back they keep going, ‘Would you like to make another?’

“They [‘Emmerdale’] cut me out of the show every two or three years for a little bit.

“Me and Mark are talking about doing a Halloween special.

“But you couldn’t show it at seven o’clock, that’s the only thing.”


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