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Dining out? Here's how to eat healthy at restaurants


a plate of food and a cup of coffee on a table: Dining out? Here's how to eat healthy at restaurants

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Dining out? Here’s how to eat healthy at restaurants

Dubai Municipality has put out an advisory on how to make healthy food choices at restaurants, as part of its campaign to develop a happy and sustainable city.

In an animated video published on Twitter, the authority noted that dining out at restaurants is an opportunity to enjoy time with family – but at the same time, can prove a health challenge.

It encouraged users to make healthy decisions when choosing meals – and offered tips such as ensuring that 50 per cent of your plate comprises fruits and vegetables.

The full list of tips for choosing healthy foods at restaurants is as follows:

> Eat a snack rich in fibre and protein before going to the restaurant.

> Choose healthy appetisers that include vegetables and protein.

> Make sure that half of your plate’s components are fruits and vegetables.

> Avoid foods that look healthy but are not, such as salads that contain high-calorie sauces.

> Choose grilled or boiled, instead of fried or covered with breadcrumbs or cream foods.

> Request the sauce on the side, instead of mixed in, to control the quantity.

> Choose low-calorie drinks and avoid sugar-sweetened beverages.

> If the meal is large, eat half of it or share it with others.

> Enjoy sharing healthy desserts with others.


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