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Did you eat too much during the holidays? 5 easy ways to lose that BELLY FAT


Whether you ate too much or had a lot to drink, here are some easy ways to lose that belly fat

We eat junk food all year round and you can’t deny that fact! But it’s mostly during the holiday season that we consume a lot of food. Not just that, the season also comes with New Year’s Eve which results in boozing to another level. This not only takes a toll on your health but also creates unwanted belly fat. Apart from how bad it looks, the body faces a lot of problems if excessive fat and uncounted calories go unburnt!


So, if it’s junk funk, excessive eating or a lot of drinks, these easy home remedies will help you get rid of that belly fat in no time.


Warm water with lemon

This is the easiest and the most effective way of reducing belly fat. All you need is a glass of warm water and a few drops of lemon. You can also add a pinch of salt or a teaspoon of honey if you like. This works best with an empty stomach. This will boost your metabolism which will help burn the fat faster.

Cumin seeds with warm water (jeera water)

If you are not into the sour stuff, this can work as an alternative. All you need is cumin seeds (jeera) and warm water. Take a spoonful of jeera and boil it in water for 2 minutes. Strain the seeds and drink the water. Cumin seeds help to speed up burning of calories fast by kicking up the metabolism rate and digestion. It is very effective in removing abdominal bloatedness.

Reduce sugar intake

For years, added sugar has proven to be unhealthy. The liver can only metabolize sugar in a significant amount. Increased intake of sugar can lead to an increase in fructose which leads to belly fat. Having fruits and vegetables is advised for a wholesome diet. Extra and added sugar can prove to be very unhealthy.

Say yes to fresh food!

Binge on some raw fruits and healthy vegetables. Nothing proves to be better than a healthy diet. Eating a wholesome diet will not only increase the metabolism but also the nutrients in them will gradually help you get rid of those extra calories.

Water, water, water!

Water is the basic necessity of life. In spite of being calorie free, it fills you up like nothing else. For a speedy transformation, you can also consume warm water throughout the day. Having a glass of water when you are hungry can fill you up instantly. Did we mention that it is calorie free?

The best way to reduce belly fat is to exercise. Crunches are the best exercise to reduce that excess fat. But we don’t need to tell you that, do we?

Which home remedy are you going to try? Let us know in the comment section below.



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