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Dad claims school ‘humiliated son’ by ordering him to get his hair cut during assembly

A dad claims his son was ‘humiliated’ when school teachers told him to cut his hair in front of his entire school.

Noor Nawab, from Saltley, Birmingham, says his nine-year-old son Adam was made to stand up in assembly on the first day back after the summer break.

Adam has not had a haircut for years and it is now beyond shoulder length, his dad said.

Nine-year-old Adam is shy and was humiliated by being told off for his hair in front of the whole school, his dad says (Picture: BPM Media)

The 31-year-old argues that if the school had a problem with his son’s hair, they should have contacted him directly, instead of calling his son out in front of other pupils.

He also accused teachers at Adderley Primary school of double standards, claiming other pupils there have hair that is just as long as Adam’s.

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‘If there was a problem with my son’s hair, why not tell me about it or send a letter home?’ he said. ‘If they told me, I’d just ask “Why?”

‘Yes, I’m angry, but getting angry at staff gets you nowhere. He is shy and upset about it. They made him stand up in front of classmates and humiliated him.’

Noor added that Adam has been growing his hair for ‘fashion’ reasons.

‘He has nice, long, thick hair,’ the dad said, adding that his son won’t be visiting the barbers any time soon.

On its website, Adderley Primary School, Birmingham, states that pupils must have an ‘appropriate and sensible haircut’ (Picture: Google)

On its website, Adderley Primary’s school uniform policy states: ‘We expect all pupils to maintain an appropriate and sensible haircut which is at the discretion of the Headteacher and School Leadership Team.

‘Pupils are not permitted to have any kind of patterns or lines cut into their hair. This includes v cuts or Mohican-type styles.

‘This also extends to patterns on eyebrows. Neither are they allowed to have artificially coloured hair.’

It continued: ‘Pupils will be continually made aware of this through assemblies and ongoing school uniform monitoring by all staff.

‘Parents will be reminded of this through newsletters and conversations with staff.

Security worker Noor Nawab, from Saltley, says his son won’t be getting a haircut (Picture: BPM Media)

‘Pupils breaking these rules will be sent with their parents to get the patterns removed and then must return to school or receive an “unauthorised absence”.’

Noor argues that the policy does mention hair but says nothing about length.

‘If there was a rule, don’t you think they would have contacted me by now?’ he added.

A spokesperson for Adderley Primary School said: ‘The school has a clear policy on school uniform which is available on our website.’

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